nursery wall decor

Are you all holding up ok without the daily emails covering a week span at a time? I think I’m going through a bit of publishing withdrawal, though I think the 20 pounds of turkey I’ve eaten over the last week helped me cope a little.

On to the nursery project I squeezed in this weekend between stringing Christmas lights, hanging mistletoe and baking chocolate chip cookies (my 3 favorite words: break – ‘n – bake 🙂 ). I swear I was never this Martha Stewart before, I just think now that I’m not drinking all weekend long anymore, I have a lot of free time and pent-up energy on my hands if I’m not doing something:

After realizing a few weeks ago that we were missing a few key parts of the crib, as in the stabilizer rods found in step 1 of the instructions: ‘attach stabilizer rods to headboards’, Scott picked up the missing parts from his brother’s house and we put the crib together this past weekend, hooray! And after rearranging the furniture in every configuration possible for a room on the smaller side, we came up with the best possible arrangement which involved carrying a huge armoire down 4 flights of stairs into the basement (Scott, not me). 

(how convenient that the Bassett Furniture room planner has baby furniture!)

Once the basics were in place, I came up with a really super inexpensive way to decorate the walls, but I must first start by saying again that I heart Dollar Tree. For quick neutral baby wall decor, go to the dollar store, grab tons of black frames (I picked up 4×6 and 5×7’s, 28 in total), and a few children’s books. I flipped through a bunch and decided the best would be ones that were on the smaller side, educational, colorful, and had full-page pictures. Cut out the pages, cut the edges to fit in your frames, and hang all over the room. Just don’t forget that you can only use one side of each page so if you like all of the pages in a book, buy 2 so you can display both sides. This was no easy feat, however. Have you ever tried to find 2 of the same book in the children’s book aisle at Dollar Tree? No fun. 

The finished product:

In total, I spent a whopping $28 for the frames and another $4 on books. Now we just need some crib bedding, a new light fixture, a few million diapers, and some clothes for this little one, but I think we have time 🙂



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9 responses to “nursery wall decor

  1. adorable nursery project!
    I did something similar on my wall with a fabric print and thrifted frames that I spray painted black. This is such a cute idea!

  2. I don’t like the long amount of time between posts; not one bit!
    You have encouraged me to start blogging again.
    I hope people read it so you should check it out from time to time.
    Oh and this is Colleen from Alberta btw. Your headboard post was for me remember?

  3. Um, I am VERY impressed you have your nursery decorated already! Go Jaime go!! And it looks great – I really love the flow of the frames down the wall around the corner, what an excellent idea for framing book pages!

  4. Jane

    I’m not sure if you’d consider this neutral or not, but as long as there aren’t flowers on it, I don’t see a problem.

    Paint little vines around the room. And as for bedding, go for something plaid or argyle.

    And even though this makes it a little girly, you should put a vase of flowers in there after he/she’s born, just for extra color when you’re in there. Use yellow or red, just so it pops out.

  5. Wow, you are very creative! You would make an awesome interior designer! I am shocked at cute the room is, and yet it cost so little! I think your little baby boy will love his room!

  6. Damn girl, you are not wasting anytime getting baby nachos nursery ready! The frames pictures are so adorable!

  7. This is a really cute idea!! It reminds me a lot of what John and Sherry from YoungHouseLove did for their baby girl’s room! I just found your blog after following you on Weddingbee and I’m now subscribing because it’s awesome – and I want to watch your belly grow too! 🙂

  8. Kathy

    Your nursery is so cute. It’s so warm, loving and inviting and I’m just looking at it. Can you imagine when I am actually there. I gotta check the blog to see how big you’ve gotten.

    I miss you girl.

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