13 weeks

On the Christmas spirit:

Last year around this time, my song of the season was Pachelbel’s Canon in D sung by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, called “Christmas Canon”. It was the one song that could stop me in my tracks and make me smile. I think it may have partially been influenced by the wedding planning considering I even wrote a wedding post about it. 🙂 This year, my song is Josh Groban’s version of O Holy Night. It’s always been one of my favorites, and it was playing in the doctor’s office when I walked in at my last appointment. That song. There’s just something about it.

And now every time I hear it, I first remember laying on that bed, holding my breath while hearing nothing but static coming out of the doppler speaker thinking I’d never get to meet this little one – it was the moment I actually realized just how attached I already was to him – and then the ultrasound that followed where I got to see the little nugget jumping across the screen which was one of the happiest moments of my life. The song also came on this past Sunday when I was decorating the nursery, and I patted my belly and told baby that there’s already so much love in the world for him and I hope he comes out loving Christmas songs. On my way home a few nights ago, the song came on the radio, I cranked it, and every last hair on the back of my neck stood straight up. What a blessing in disguise my last appointment ended up being, I got a surprise peek at baby that I wasn’t expecting to get to see.

On my husband (ok, not literally on my husband):

I keep taking a step back and realizing how lucky I am to have Scott in my life. After lunch I was eating peppermint bark and realized that I wouldn’t even have it in my hand if Scott hadn’t been listening when I saw the commercial and mumbled something about how much I wanted to try one. And the fact that we have 2 things of cookie dough in the fridge right now because he was listening when I saw a commercial for chocolate chip cookies which prompted me to text my dad letting him know that a batch of his cookies wouldn’t make me sad (jeez, I have to start changing the channel during commercials). And the fact that there is fresh mistletoe hanging from our hallway chandelier because he was listening when I mentioned that I’ve always wanted to hang mistletoe ($2 at Home Depot). And the fact that our house is completely covered in Christmas lights because Scott knows that my biggest wish is to make our house look like the Christmas Vacation house, and he crawled across the roof on his stomach in the cold for 3 hours making it perfect. And the fact that the doggies get taken out every few hours and I don’t have to get off the couch out from under a warm blanket because he doesn’t want me to get cold. I just hope he knows how much everything that he’s doing means to me.

Other things pregnant this week:

I’m officially wearing yoga pants to work (there’s even a yoga pants dance that happens in the house before I leave). Yep, Office Jaime is pushing the limits of ‘business casual’. To be honest, they’re kind of a step up from what I normally wear but I’m sure my old pants will be missed the next time someone comes to me asking if I happen to have a safety-pin. I hemmed the bottoms with them so I used to have oh, 25 or so on me at all times.

Yesterday I made my first call to Nurse Nancy who told me to call with any question, big or small. This past weekend I was scooting off the couch and got a sudden stabbing pain in my stomach a few inches in from my hip bone and when I stood up I thought I was going to throw up. And since then if I move or reach or twist the wrong way, I get the same shooting pain. It was enough to freak me out yesterday when it happened again, but Nurse Nancy put my mind at ease. Apparently it is round ligament pain which I’ve read about in emails but reading about and experiencing a pain are 2 totally different things. So anywho, she said that I pulled an already stretched out ligament – picture rubber bands holding a tennis ball suspended from above, then picture the rubber bands stretching to hold a basketball, then yank on one of the bands – yeouch! She said that it’s very common, completely harmless, but very painful, and will go away as my pregnancy progresses. She also said that pretty much any pain that can be triggered by movement is my body structure adjusting to the new weight and I shouldn’t worry unless pain is constant and/or accompanied by bleeding. Whew, that made me feel tons better.

Then I asked her if it’s ok to use mineral foundation makeup. The answer was yes. I honestly don’t know why this was the one thing out of everything that had me worried (aside from the pain of course). 🙂

On pregnant surprises:

My butt is getting big! Think J-Lo butt in the making… I giggle at my profile every time a catch a glimpse in a mirror ’cause I got a baby bump in the front and a big old bootie bump in the back to match. My leg hair is growing at an alarming rate and for someone who admittedly doesn’t shave her legs that often to begin with, it’s getting kinda scary. Think braid-length scary after a week or so. And the last thing that I’ve noticed lately is that while I’m normally a self-proclaimed Google MD (I will self-diagnose, become an expert on said situation/disease/abnormality/ailment by reading everything I can possibly find on the subject, and cure said issue if it needs curing all with the help of my Masters from Google U and PhD from Web MD University), I realized I haven’t been doing any research on what my body & baby are going through. Sure I get emails from The Bump and Baby Center and Fit Pregnancy often, but I’m not overly anxious to read about the heartburn/constipation/dizziness that I may experience in the next week based on what millions of women before me have experienced. I’ve just kinda been riding this wave and experiencing it all as it comes, not trying to prepare myself for anything that could maybe happen but instead taking it as it comes. Just like I haven’t been sick once since I’ve been pregnant, I don’t expect to feel everything that a website or book tells me I might. In fact, the only research I’ve done is Googling things like “12 week baby bump” to see if my bump is freakishly bigger than everyone else that week, ’cause God knows it looks like it to me.

In case you were curious, my research has shown that up until this week, it seemed like most women that were as popped as me at this stage were either pregnant with baby #2, 3, or 4 or were carrying twins…hehehe, don’t even think it, shockingly there’s only one in there 😛

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9 responses to “13 weeks

  1. Such a moving story. Congratulations to you! Josh’s song is really great. I’d also love you to listen to the version of “O Holy Night” I just recorded. I’m offering it as a free download. Let me know what you think & Enjoy all your holiday blessings.
    Twitter: @CharlieWMusic

  2. I think you look fabulous! Your bump probably just looks/feels bigger to you because you are SO TINY to begin with :). Don’t stress about it, you look beautiful! I loved reading this post 🙂

  3. Jane

    Wow. I’m now inspired to try peppermint bark.

    And you have inspired me to get a head start on my Christmas baking— this weekend will be the one I make 8 dozen snickerdoodles and pumpkin cookies.

    Thanks for inspiring me to bake some more. (Even though, if you were to see a picture of me, you wouldn’t think I need any more sugar than i already get. I inherited my mom’s thighs and butt.)

    You should listen to the Chipmunk Christmas music. It’s so freaking adorable!!!!

  4. I think you look great and just perfect for 13 weeks! 🙂

  5. You’re gorgeous, and I agree with Deanna, you were tiny to begin with. Just keep enjoying the bark and christmas music!

  6. omg! love the new header 🙂

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