14 weeks

The biggest change for me this week (aside from noticing that my thighs are, um, slowly trying to meet in the middle) was that I now know what it means to feel absolutely ravenous. Not just hungry, but HONGRY! And now I want some french toast.

I still haven’t bought a bella band or maternity jeans ’cause I’ve been rocking the yoga pants at work and lounging in pjs on the weekends, but with my office’s holiday party next Thursday I’m thinking I’m going to have to bite the bullet this weekend. I don’t think my little rubber band around the button trick will help me while bowling – call me crazy but I just never pictured the song “Pants on the Ground” becoming my theme song. Holiday party boo: unlimited alcohol on the company bill for a few hours and I can’t drink a drop. Holiday party woohoo: what I lack in drinks, I will totally make up for in food. Oh yeah, did I mention Amy and I got to pick the menu? Dangerous stuff.

Backtracking to the pants thing, my boss and I have joked about the fact that his grandma used to love her elastic pants and I’m following in her footsteps wearing yoga pants to work. But. BUT! I had no idea before yesterday that I’d ever care about the strength of the waistband of said elastic pants. There I was last night, wearing my white pj pants that you see in my weekly belly photos, the very same pants that I wore the day of my wedding before slipping into my gown, and I realized that the elastic waistband was a little, ahem, snug. Who knew? I went ahead and changed into a different pair of pj pants and was much happier with the looser fit of the skinnier band. So please from now on, call me Gertrude and remind me to backcomb my roller set in the morning.

Yesterday’s craving was shrimp. But not just any old shrimp, shrimp with some sort of cream sauce, more specifically either Benihana’s hibachi shrimp with the creamy sauce, or the stuffed shrimp from Bob Chinn’s that I had at my mother-in-law’s birthday dinner. And my Christmas present wish list to Scott has officially changed from a remote starter for my car to dinner at Bob Chinn’s. You know you’re pregnant when you ask for food for Christmas.

I started drawing how big baby is on my dry erase board at work…last week he was a peach, this week he’s graduated to a lemon:

And a few days ago, one of the guys at work came up to my desk, looked at my stomach and said something about how it looks I have something a lot bigger than a peach in there. Um, yeah, that’s because my little peach is swimming around in my cantaloupe-sized uterus, jackass.

Do you all know that Capital One commercial that’s on now where the red-headed boy with a beard is sitting on Santa’s lap and Santa tugs on the kid’s beard to see if it’s real? Every time I see that commercial, I tell Scott that’s gonna be our kid. Red head from me, full beard from Scott.

Still feeling really great overall, my only complaints are this freaking stuffed up nose that apparently is a very common symptom of pregnancy (it even has its own medical name: pregnancy rhinitis) and will not clear up. Once in a blue moon I’ll be laying on the couch and when I sit up one side will start clearing and I’ll get all excited, but within minutes, it’s stuffed again. I’ve resorted to saline nasal spray and breathe right strips at night, but I’ve noticed if I use the strips every night I’ll get a big old zit on my nose by day 3 so I only try to use them a few nights a week.

Other issue this week: my lower back has been hurty, sciatica has officially kicked in. It definitely gets worse if I lean over for a while – like when I wipe snow off of the doggies’ feet while standing because I’m too lazy to sit down on the floor then attempt to stand up when I’m finished, or when I, say, paint the front door leopard print, again from a standing position ’cause I’m too lazy to get up once I sit down. Did I mention I’m lazy? Hehe, ok, I honestly have issues with my knees, but those issues along with pregnancy are now indirectly aggravating my back problems. It’s a vicious cycle I tells ya.

Good news – my skin is clearing up a ton, although it’s not completely spontaneous. I’ve never been one to wash my face before going to bed, I typically sleep in a face full of makeup and sans pregnancy hormones raging through my pores, it’s never caused me any problems aside from orange pillow cases and raccoon eyes in the mornings, until now. So lately I’ve been using Pampers sensitive skin baby wipes that I may have bought for the baby and decided to use for myself instead. It’s a super quick and easy way to take off my makeup before bed and it’s been really helping a ton with the little zits that have been adorning the apples of my cheeks for a few months now, although the wipes themselves smell REALLY BAD. Not sure if I just happened to buy a bad batch or if that’s what they are supposed to smell like, but yucko. Hoorah for clear skin again though!

Here’s your 14 week shot…I swear this belly has a mind of its own and is preparing to take over the world:

For past weeks, visit My Pregnancy Calendar

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13 responses to “14 weeks

  1. Jane

    Now, you have me wanting shrimp. I swear, every time I read your blog, or Amy’s, I get hungry.

    Are the posts now only weekly?

    I can’t wait until your baby is the size of a bowling ball.

    • It’s funny, I have so many other things to write about, I just haven’t for some reason. New post tomorrow, this is my promise 🙂 Oh, and it’s the watermelon size I’m afraid of!

  2. you are too cute 🙂 love these weekly updates!

  3. Isn’t a peach bigger than a lemon? They usually are here in Canada anyways 😛
    Your tummy looks like mine on a day to day basis.

  4. Big J

    your bowl full o’ jelly is so cute with your bow sweater!!! A lemon is pretty large…

  5. Oh my gosh! You have such a cute little belly! And the rest of you is still so skinny! Hopefully I’ll be like that too, but I don’t I’ll get so lucky! Yay for baby nachos!

  6. Your little belly is getting so cute!! 🙂

  7. Try makeup remover wipes instead of baby wipes. I use the Target or CVS knockoff of Almay or Neutrogena wipes. I’m cheap and sometimes wipe my face on half of the wipe, tuck it back into the package and then use the other half the next day. True life.

  8. Your baby bump looks cute! Gotta comment on the facial stuff: jojoba oil takes off makeup … and a fresh lemon will wash it better than any soap! 🙂 Natural AHA’s … only need to wash it once a day (at night) and not in the morning!

  9. Chris

    “I want a maze, a sword, and….OW!!!!”
    Who is that kid? I really think that’s the best commercial of Christmas Season 2010.

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