v is for victorious!

My ring…..

Do you guys remember the not so fun nearly 3 weeks I went without my engagement ring because the center stone became loose? It was when I was sporting all my fun obnoxiously sparkly rings in the meantime to keep my finger from feeling naked. Well, I eventually got my ring back and within 2 days, the center stone was loose again.

I was beyond pissed.

But instead of going back to the same place to be without it again for who knows how long only to probably have it set wrong, again, I found a new jeweler. I honestly didn’t care if it meant voiding the warranty because seriously, what good is a free fix if it’s a bad fix? So I looked on Yelp and found Candlelight Jewelers, a jeweler close to home that had fantastic reviews and I took my ring to them. The first thing the woman said to me was that the peg head was all wrong for a princess cut diamond. She said they could tighten it for me but they couldn’t guarantee it because it would no doubt come loose again. Her recommendation was to have a new head put on that has v-prongs (which I had never heard of). Apparently the prongs that were on it were completely wrong for a princess cut, they basically were just sitting against the diamond not actually holding it in place at all. V-prongs are in the shape of a ‘v’ at the tips and actually go around each corner of the diamond. And, um, new head? I didn’t even know you could do that! So she showed me a few options in a catalogue…my choices looked something like these:






(all pics from here)

Ew. Needless to say, I wasn’t all that excited to change the head that was currently on the ring to any of those, they all looked, I don’t know, too utilitarian? Too metal-y? Too structured. I liked my dainty setting that let light shine right through the entire stone, so for the time being, I just had them reset the diamond in the head as is, and figured I’d sit on the idea of getting the head replaced.

The tightened ring was ready in 3 days. That was more like it! And when I went to pick it up, they didn’t charge me a penny because they knew it would just happen again and they couldn’t guarantee their work. Sweet! I figured the diamond stayed put for a year and a half before becoming loose the first time, maybe I’d have that much luck this time around.


Diamond was loose within 2 weeks. So I took it back, Scott and I picked out a new head together, and I kissed it goodbye for another week and anxiously awaited the new look of my ring. And when I picked it up, I was actually very pleasantly surprised; it didn’t look as, um, what’s the opposite of delicate? as I thought it would. So without further ado, a little ring porn for you. My ring has officially gone from this…..


…to this…



See? Those V’s are hugging my diamond nice and snug 🙂

I’m really happy with how it turned out, though it’s not as dainty, it is a lot more sturdy, and it sits even higher than the original head, making it an awesome potential weapon in case I ever get jumped.

“Give me your ring!”

“I’ll give you my ring, right in the eyeball!”

p.s if you ever want to see how dirty your ring actually is, take a really close up picture of it!



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4 responses to “v is for victorious!

  1. I had to get my ring redone too. (I also choose to go to another jeweler for the fix). Your ring is pretty kick ass- what a ROCK.

  2. Jane

    Wow, is that sparkly!

    I don’t generally wear jewelry because of uniform regulations, and it’s a pain to remember to take it off when in uniform. I also learned that having a ring on while shooting isn’t a good idea.

    I’m so envious of your sparkly! I thin I’ll start just buying every clothing item ever in sequins, just so I can have a little glitz of my own without having to pierce something or wear a ring.

    Again, it is a very sparkly sparkle!

  3. Beautiful … new holder makes the ring more gorgeous!

  4. V is wonderful.. love antique style!

    Love this antique style ring!

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