sunny with a smile

First off, I’m no stranger to tattoos, I have 4 in various places as well as an eyebrow piercing scar over my right eye. With that said, I’m not alone in this whole ‘I’m gonna get huge’ pregnant thing. You see, my mom tried to warn me when I got this happy little guy at 18-years-old….

She asked, “well what’s gonna happen to it when you get pregnant?” And I’m sure I responded 15 years ago with a big old smarty-pants, “I imagine it’s gonna get huge but we’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we?” Well I guess that’s gonna happen sooner rather than later now and I’m actually kind of really crazy excited to see how big his smiley face is gonna grow with me. 

Doctors appointment tonight, Scott managed to get out of work early to meet me for this one, and hopefully we’ll get to hear the heartbeat for the first time…unless of course baby doesn’t cooperate again and we get another awesome surprise ultrasound. We shall see!



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5 responses to “sunny with a smile

  1. Guess what! Found out my Sis is about four weeks pregnant! I love to read you blog even more now and look back at where you were at her stage.

  2. That is awesome! I have a tattoo a little lower, almost in my hip nook, and I’ve also wondered what would happen. Your sun is going to get REAL smiley! lol

  3. Jane

    Wow. I honestly couldn’t picture you having a tatoo (or a former eyebrow piercing, either).

    Now you’ve got me curious.

    And I also wonder what happens to belly button rings.

    Or if nipple rings make it harder to breast feed.

    Wow, I have a bunch of questions for my bubba, now.

    So, on another note, I can’t wait for more belly-growth pictures and to learn about the new ultrasound appointment. Whoo! I’m excited. This blog is actually the highlight of my week, usually.

  4. Aww! You’ve going to have a VERY happy belly! 😉 I’m a little worried about what will happen to my belly button piercing!

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