ornaments and the bee

I’ve decided to postpone writing week 15’s post for a day mainly because I’m hoping to get a good belly shot for you all while bowling or stuffing my face (or both at the same time) at our holiday party tonight. So for now, I wanted to show you what came in the mail yesterday.

Every year, us Bees over at Weddingbee do an ornament exchange during the holidays. This year I was assigned Mrs. French Bulldog, aka Ali at His Birdie’s Nest, and made this little guy for her:

He’s kind of a finger-puppet santa-hat-wearing felt guy sitting in a pile of feather-snow in a bubble. And Mrs. Cola, aka Morgan at The Handcrafted Life was chosen to gift to me this year. And, well, I’d say she did a freaking amazing job given the fact that a big old plate of nachos and Christmas ornaments don’t exactly sing ‘perfect pair’. Look what she made me!

Bees are some crafty people! Oh, but wait, that wasn’t all that was in the box, she also threw in this for baby:

I have no words.



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5 responses to “ornaments and the bee

  1. aww yours is so cute! love the little dog!!

  2. I love my little Frenchie SO SO much 🙂
    And, OMG those Nachos are amazing!

  3. Aweeee the Frenchie ornament is SOOO CUTE!

    And the Nachos turned out really adorable – good job Cola!

  4. Adorable! I always turn to Etsy come ornament time, so I’m so wowed by the bees who manage to craft up something wonderful….

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