15 weeks

Here I sit with a full belly at 15 weeks – the cafeteria downstairs was serving my favorite tilapia today and when the guy put one lonely filet in the container, I looked at him with sad eyes and asked if I could have one more. He kinda looked at me cockeyed so I did it, I pulled the pregnancy card, and I quickly amended my request with a “because I’m pregnant and I’m hungry”. Holy crap am I ever! Ok not right this minute with 2 large filets, a whole bunch of rice and a few stalks of broccoli weighing me down, but people, I will be hungry in 2 hours. I’ve never been this hungry in my life and it’s a little bit insane and a lotta bit funny.

The most momentous occasion this week was feeling baby move for the first time. Ok, it’s not the first time the baby moved, it’s just the first time I felt it! I know it’s early but for the last few weeks I’ve been no less than twice a day looking down and telling him to kick me, kick me, kick me! I want to feel it! And the other day on my way home from work, baby finally got sick of me asking and me not feeling it when he tried, so he built up all his baby strength and kicked me with all his might. And I felt it, little teeny tiny barely there baby tickles. Almost like someone took the pads of their fingertips and lightly tap-tap-tapped me from the inside, just below my belly button. Most people call it ‘fluttering’ but that always makes me think of butterflies in the tummy like when you’re on a rollercoaster, nothing at all like what I felt. The whole gas bubble analogy is a much better description, only it felt closer to the surface than your typical gas bubble. And when it stopped, I wanted nothing more than to feel it again and again…I’ve only felt it twice since but I love it so much every time.

Earlier in the week, I was sitting on the couch marveling at my tummy and for the 1,000th time told Scott, “look, there’s a baby in there!” And that’s when he noticed something I had not. Probably because it’s getting harder and harder to see past my belly button. But there it was, the startings of my linea nigra, the dark line that lots of pregnant women get down the middle of their bellies, sometimes from the belly button down, sometimes all the way from just below the boobies to the nether regions. Mine is still faint and runs from my belly button down, which again is probably why I hadn’t noticed it. Craziness.

I survived the work holiday party bowling sober around a good number of drunkies while free buckets of beer and glasses of wine were being put on the table in front of me. Considering I’ve always been one of the drunkies at the party, I handled my water well this time around and the party ended up being a lot of fun for me – I watched people get tipsy while I simultaneously kicked my boss’s ass at bowling. I honestly think that was the first time I ever actually bowled 2 consecutive games sober, and hey, I broke 100 both times! No, really, that’s good.

I had a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday and Scott was able to come with me this time. Last time, you’ll remember that baby didn’t cooperate and swam into the depths of my innards to hide from the sound waves of the doppler. This time, maybe because he knew daddy was there, maybe because he’s just plain getting too big to hide, the doctor found him right away. Sorry for the boring view of the ceiling but it’s all I got to see so I thought you’d like the firsthand perspective, it’s like you were there on the bed with me! (plus I didn’t know if the doc would appreciate a camera in her face the whole time) In the middle it’s hard to understand but she comments on how you can hear the baby move out of the way, he’s trying to hide, but then she finds him again. Haha, baby you can run but you can’t hide anymore! Just listen to that heartbeat, it keeps a beat better than a metronome …

Funny story….so I mentioned before that the practice I go to consists of 4 doctors and they are having me go to each one during my pregnancy since any one of them could be on call the day I deliver, making him/her the lucky one that gets to see me at my finest. Anywho, Dr. K is my usual doc so I’ve obviously seen her many times. This last appointment was scheduled with Dr. H. I’ve only ever seen one other doctor in the practice aside from Dr. K and it was this Dr. H. So I prepped Scott for no reason other than it was amusing. I told him about how Dr. H did my colposcopy years ago when I kept getting abnormal pap smear results. He’s a nice doctor, male, in his later 50’s or so, and he’s seen me naked but don’t beat him up cause I paid him to do so. Hehe. Scott asked what Dr. H’s first name is and I said I’m pretty sure it’s Bill. So we’re sitting in the room, waiting, chatting, and in walks Dr. Bill H…

…a short, round woman in her early 40’s.

I looked at Scott with a WTF look because I swear Dr. H was a man. Um, I think it’s safe to say that Dr. H is not who I saw before and I’m guessing her name isn’t Bill.

How I’m feeling: still feeling good, though this pregnancy stuffy nose business is not getting any better with the super-duper dry air in the house. Though Hazel keeps trying to tell me something every time she jumps on the couch and makes sparks with her ears. Seriously, click on the picture to get the full view of her ears conducting electricity.

I know, Hazy, it’s ridiculous.

My major craving of the week was creamed spinach (now this one makes sense, lots of folic acid in there), and I almost pulled my hair out looking for it in the canned veggie aisle at Meijer for 15 minutes until I called my mom and she informed me that it’s in the freezer section. Doh! I now have 6 boxes of it in my freezer and I’ve eaten 3 on top of those this week (along with a pound cake, lots of tuna casserole, a few pounds of chicken cutlets, a box of wheat thins, and more homemade baked goods from Amy than one person should ever know what to do with). And I officially tipped the scale at 130 pounds for the first time ever. It can’t be the cookies, I blame it on the rather large boobs.

One thing I wanted to mention that’s been on my mind lately – I’ve been pretty regularly having a lot of achiness in my lower abdomen. No one ever tells you about this which is kind of surprising considering it’s there about 80% of the time. I asked my doc if it’s normal and she said absolutely, everything is stretching. Makes sense, but again, considering it’s normal and I feel it a good majority of the day, I’m surprised no one ever mentions it. Oh well, consider this me mentioning it. Pregnancy (at least for me)=achy lower abdomen.

15 week belly shot…this is what I see when I’m sitting at my desk and I look down:

Looks like momma needs a lint roller. And a manicure.

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6 responses to “15 weeks

  1. I had the achiness too and was also really surprised that it wasn’t more talked about. I still have it sometimes (26 weeks) at night especially if I wake up in a weird position. You are a lucky momma feeling the kicks so early- mine made me wait until I think it was 18? It’s so amazing, I agree! 🙂

  2. Hubby looks so proud.

  3. Jane

    Awesome! I have the urge to bake again. This time it will be pumpkin cookies.

    And the link about the baby line has got me reading through the whole site. I’m probably going to end up staying awake until the sun rises because I’m so interested. Pregnancy fascinates me, and scares the hell out of me at the same time.

    Have a fan-freaking-tastic weekend, and get a humidifier. Also, I’m not sure if this will affect Baby Nachos, but get some menthol analgesic to put under your nose. It’ll open your nose up so you can breathe– works every time I use it.

    If you can’t use that, though, sniff some hot peppers, preferably jalapenos, because spicy opens your schnazz up, also. Both remedies have worked for me, and I actually alternate when I’m stuffed up for more than a day.

  4. Your doctor sounds an awful lot like Dr. Addison Montgomery. I wish she was MY obgyn… 🙂

  5. You are so adorable! And oh my god, I almost died laughing at your dog’s static ears! That is AMAZING!

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