christmas fail!

Here I was thinking I was all awesome this year for having all (ok, most) of my shopping finished almost a month before Christmas, all the presents wrapped and sitting pretty under the tree. I even taunted Scott a little for not noticing the gigantic new box that mysteriously appeared last week under the tree, wrapped up all nice just like the others, only 5 times bigger and with his name on it. Well, well, well, turns out smug little me…


Last weekend Scott decided to wrap all of his gifts and he’s become quite the expert box wrapper. Then I hear him suddenly cursing like a sailor so I asked him what was wrong. He told me that he measured the paper wrong and had to make an ‘extender’ to cover up the wrapping paper hole.

I said, “yeah, I had to do that with your refrigerator.”

Did I seriously just blurt out what I got him? Yes, yes I did because I am ridiculous. Noooooo, I couldn’t have said your present, I had to say REFRIGERATOR. For a split second I tried to think of a way to cover up what I had just said, but really, there was no way to make it seems like by re-fri-ger-a-tor I actually meant big-red-box or re-fri-cks-mas-present. And I can’t even blame it on pregnancy because I’m sure I would have said it, big belly or not.

This past Sunday Scott spent the afternoon rearranging his office to accommodate his new mini fridge that he’ll be opening on Christmas Eve.

At least he doesn’t know what color it is.

Yeah, it’s all I’ve got left.



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9 responses to “christmas fail!

  1. Jane

    This made me giggle. That picture is so priceless. I think I may add it to my collage of funky facial expressions I have going on my wall by the window.

    Well….at least he can get the cursing at his office arrangement out of the way before X-mas.

    Have a fun Christmas, even if you blurted out your gift. At least your’s was accidental– every year I tell all my family what kind of cookies I’m baking them and how I’m giving them out that year.

    This year, I’m making equal portions wrapped in christmas-y paper, with no names, so that those who want them can possibly get extras from those who don’t. And whatever is left I’m going to take to the PHP on the way home.

  2. That is something I would totally do!

  3. Dude, I would totally do something like that! That’s why I don’t even bother any more. The second the hub’s present for Christmas, birthday, anything arrives in our home, he gets to open it.

    • So smart, I think I may have to start doing that….”It’s here, open it cause I’m just gonna tell you what it is anyway.” Yep, sounds like a good plan!

  4. This is too funny. I had a similar situation with a mini fridge. Store shipped it with no wrapping, and the Mr. gets home first and saw it. Total fail. I was a sad puppy for awhile.

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday! I love reading your blog!

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