16 weeks

Sorry for the delay, Christmas put blogging on hold for a few days…..

Back to work after a nice Christmas, I was able to update my board though it’ll only stay an avocado for a few days since I was a little late. Funny, I’ve had this board up for a few weeks now and just today I was walking past one of the guys here and I saw him glance down at my tummy, quickly look back up, then glance again, and I seriously watched it register in his brain that I have something cooking in there. It was kind of amusing. Anywho, just like the peach to lemon transition a few weeks ago, this one is questionable as well…wouldn’t an orange (last week) typically be bigger than an avocado (this week)? I do believe they’re measuring length more than overall size, but still, kinda throws the whole imagery out the window.

Aside from my little guacamole baby (hehe, funny story, my dad was calling the baby Pepito for a little while there until we were informed that Pepito is actually slang for ‘little penis’), there wasn’t a whole lot of new stuff that happened during week 16. Let’s see….I’m still getting bigger by the day which is fun…my middle is getting nice and round and I don’t feel the need to try to suck it in anymore so I just let it all hang out, but I realized today when waiting for my lunch in line at the cafeteria that I’m at a loss for where to put my arms when I’m just standing there…

Not under the belly ’cause I feel like I should have more to hold when I do that.

There’s not quite enough there yet to stand with my hands resting on top of the pooch.

Crossed in front of me makes me feel like I’m trying to hide something.

On my hips just feels like I’m trying to stand like a fat Wonder Woman.

Dangling at my sides makes me feel like I look like a frumpy log with a gut.

Who knew this would be such a dilemma?!?

I’m still eating like a machine, I’m still terribly stuffy even though I bought a humidifier (Hazel is talking to me again now that her ears aren’t sparking when she moves), I still haven’t bought but desperately need maternity jeans, and I finally got my shrimp in a cream sauce that I was craving a few weeks back, and it was goooooooood. My boss gave me a nice Visa gift card for Christmas and I used that puppy up at Bob Chinn’s faster than I could rip the envelope open. Shrimp, crab, lobster, yes please! And after I licked my plate clean, I ate a little off of Scott’s plate, too…



I did get a comment that made me happy on Ugly Christmas Sweater day at work (hehe, I totally stole the office wreath for this picture)…

One of the guys said that with the sweatshirt on he couldn’t tell that I was pregnant and that I’ll probably be one of those women who have the baby and instantly drop the baby weight. He’s my new BFF.

One of my baby emails that I got this week said that baby can officially hear sounds (and be startled by loud noises) so I’ve been singing more, though it’s questionable whether my singing is actually enjoyable or in fact startling. It also said that although the baby’s eyelids are still shut, he can see light. Coolest trick of the week – a few days ago I shone (shined?) a little flashlight directly on my lower stomach and actually felt the baby move just under my belly button, though I tried again yesterday and didn’t feel a thing. At this point the little movements I’m feeling are really sporadic and rarely happen when I’m waiting for them!

And belly shot (though this was taken on Christmas Eve, one day into week 17)….

I played a good Santa this year ’cause I was actually able to jiggle my belly like a bowl full of jelly!

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5 responses to “16 weeks

  1. Jane

    I didn’t know that a pregnant woman’s belly would jiggle. It always resembles a bowling ball to me– bowling balls don’t jiggle so much.

    Didja get to eat the fried pickles? I made more this morning, for my breakfast, again, and was trying to save some for the b/f. Ah well. It’s his fault he doesn’t get any. Shoulda been here when I made them.

    Did you have an awesome Christmas?

    • Yeah, it doesn’t really jiggle, just got that line from an episode of Friends 🙂 And no, I haven’t had the pickles though I did mention them to Scott and I’m guessing his reaction was a lot like your guy’s!

      Christmas was fantastic! Was Santa good to you this year?

  2. You look fantastic. I don’t think it looks like a big belly at all!! Have you seen mine?? I feel like I’m having twins or something. I’m going to make our ultrasound tech search and search at our next ultrasound. 🙂

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