18 weeks

Have you ever tried to draw a sweet potato? I do believe my attempt kinda looks like a corn poopy:

I can’t believe that 2 weeks from today I’ll be at the half-way point, and 2 weeks from yesterday we’ll officially confirm if the little one is a spud or spud-ette 🙂

A few of the emails I’ve gotten in the last few weeks have mentioned that my freckles may get darker, skin tags might pop up (ew) and any dark spots on my face may get more noticeable. I luckily haven’t gotten any skin tags (thank you Jebus), I’ve noticed that a freckle or two that were there before are now a little more prominent, though nothing to really write home about. And the other day while walking into my kitchen, I felt something scary through my tank top on my stomach that felt like a new rather big bump. So I decided to investigate – and I yelled “holy crap!” as I lifted my shirt and saw a huge brown shiny mole smack dab in the middle of my belly.

Then I realized it was a popcorn kernel shell and I felt like a moron.

Sleep is becoming a little harder mainly because:

1. I’m getting up to pee 2-3 times a night now. Bad for the REM sleep state but great for remembering the insanity that is my dreams these days. For instance last night I dreamt that I was hiking through the desert and there were little mini black crabs in between each of my toes that were sucking my blood. The night before I dreamt that I worked at Toys R Us with a grumpy old man who wouldn’t let me play with the toys.

2. The dogs are now acting really really strange around me…when I’m watching tv, once in a while I’ll casually glance over at them and realize that they’ve been standing at attention just staring at me for who knows how long. It’s kinda creepy. And when they’re not staring, they can’t get close enough. This includes sleepy time and I end up in a doggie sandwich and I’m always the cheese. They lay on top of the blanket, one on each side of me and I end up pinned so tight that I can’t roll over. It’s absolutely crazy, but I know that they know that something is up with momma.

I developed a new, not so great pregnancy symptom this week that I had never heard of before – I can’t empty my bladder all the way. I’ll get the urge, so I go, then as soon as I stand up it feels like I have to go again but nothing actually happens if I try. Think bladder infection without the pain – it’s really annoying. I’ve of course Googled this and it seems I’m not alone, though there are a few different theories out there as to why it happens. Some say the urethra  is being pinched between the uterus and the bladder, others say it’s just the baby sitting on the bladder making you think you have to pee again when really you don’t. I don’t care so much about the why but more about the how to fix it…so I dug deeper. One person suggested when in the bathroom to try leaning forward till you’re parallel with the floor, one person suggested backing into the toilet and peeing standing up. Considering I don’t want to find out whether it would be more uncomfortable to have a half full bladder vs. sit in pants that I peed all over cause stupid me tried to pee standing up at work, I’ve decided to stick with the leaning forward method which seems to help most of the time.

Scott and I went out to lunch last Friday with Sharon, Mike, and baby Owen. Yep, Friday. And on Sunday night, 2 ENTIRE DAYS LATER, Scott was taking the garbage out to the curb and realized that my keys were still in the door. I had unlocked the door and walked in the house leaving my house key still in the lock , complete with my car key on the key chain, literally 3 feet away from my car. Anyone want a gently used Honda and a lovely house in Glenview? Come on over sometime – there’s a good chance you can have them for free! Ever heard of pregnancy brain? Oh, it’s real and it’s in full force. Like the other night when I woke up on the couch, sat up and took a sip from my water bottle, then fell asleep again. That is, until I found myself soaked in a puddle because apparently water bottles tip when you doze off holding them. Who knew?

New Year’s Eve kind of lost its luster for me this year, I actually had Scott set an alarm at 11:30pm to make sure that I was awake at midnight. And good thing considering I was out like a light by 9:00. But midnight came and I had myself a nice glass of real champagne, ok cheapy $6 champagne, but champagne none the less complete with bubbles and alcohol and oh what a nice little treat that was.

Cravings this week: french onion dip with Lays potato chips, and ice cream. Not together of course, although now that I think about it I’d probably eat french onion dip ice cream right now. And for some reason I can not get enough of the smell of Dunkin Donuts coffee grounds. Every time I make a fresh pot I have to stick my head pretty much in the filter and take a deep breath before I put it in the coffee maker. I’m guessing it’s what Heaven smells like.

I had a good week last week of getting my big butt on the treadmill for a little 1/2 hour walk, just over a mile, nothing too strenuous, and after 4 days of that I’m done. Hey, it’s 4 more miles than I would have walked in my lifetime if I hadn’t done it. Eh, I tried 🙂

And oh happy day, remember the maternity jeans I said I ordered online? I’m sure you probably do considering I told you all 2 days ago…anywho, they came in the mail and friends, I have never ever owned a pair of jeans, let alone 2 that fit me better than these. They are glorious!

(Sorry for the crapola picture from my crapola camera)

Perfectly fitted yet stretchy, comfy, long enough….would it be wrong to wear maternity jeans forever? ‘Cause I just might.  Seriously, post baby and beyond, they are like jeans with their own built-in spanx! Gotta love the full panel…


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4 responses to “18 weeks

  1. You’ve really spoiled me by having 3 update posts so close together. How can I wait for a whole more week for week 19? Ahh! You’re gorgeous, bw.

  2. Jane

    I think I own a pair similar to that, minus the maternity stuff.

    You really need to try Lobster Ravioli, if there’s a Pastafina near you. Or some other Italian place that serves it.

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