19 weeks

Here I was thinking a sweet potato was hard to draw, and then I tried to draw a mango. I gave up on that after 1 sad attempt and let Google images do it for me:

This week I got to hear baby’s heartbeat again; the doc found it right away, front and center just below my belly button. 🙂 And while I absolutely love that sound, I’m so much more looking forward to our 20 week (and last) ultrasound next week. I know, I’m a mean momma, but I like seeing the little booger. Sad it’ll be the last time I get to see this little one before he/she is born, but hooray for finally being able to buy gender-specific goodies soon!

Remember how I mentioned before that I have to see all 4 doctors in the practice since any one of them could be the doc that delivers this baby? So far I’ve still only seen Dr. K, my usual doctor who I like, and Dr. H, the same doc I saw last month. And after this past appointment with Dr. H, I’m praying that she’s not the one that will be on call when I go into labor. Seriously, this woman could very well be the #1, multi-award winning, smartest OBGYN in the freaking world, but the woman has no personality what so ever. This is how my appointment went as soon as she came in the room:

Her: “Hi. Any problems?”

Me: “So far so good! I’m feeling great, doing well. And this little one has been moving around like crazy for the last 2 days!”

Her: “Go ahead and lay back. (finds the heartbeat) Ok. See you in a month.” And she left the room.

Geeeee, whatever happened to a little foreplay? Sweet talk? I don’t just lift up my shirt and show my navel for anyone, you know. I can only imagine how giving birth with her would be….

“Push. Push. Push. Here’s your baby. Gotta go.”

Keep your fingers crossed that the other 2 doctors have better social abilities than this one! And if so, the odds are stacked 3 to 1 in my favor that someone I like aside from Scott will be in the delivery room.

Have I mentioned that one of my younger sisters is getting married this year? No? Oh, well she is and I am very excited to be standing up in the wedding along with my older sister who is also pregnant. Wait, have I not mentioned that either? Oh, ya, she’s my pregnant buddy and she’s having twins! Let’s just say we’ve been busy around these parts. Anywho, have you ever seen 2 preggers stuff themselves into bridesmaids dresses?


I openly admit that I played the denial card and was having fun trying to shove myself into size 4s. I may have had to put them on over my head instead of stepping gracefully into them (damn small neck holes), I may not have been able to zip all of them up (damn faulty zippers) and I may or may not have had to get my sister to peel them off of me cause I couldn’t get them back over my shoulders without an arm getting stuck (damn poor craftsmanship), but yup, I still got myself into 4s (hehe, and maybe busted a sample dress zipper). Funniest pictures of the day were thanks to a dress that looked awesome in the catalogue:

…but ended up being the same stiff material that our plaid uniform skirts used to be made of. They were like oragami…you could fold them and shape them into different things. Look, it’s a giraffe!

It wasn’t easy dress shopping at almost 5 months pregnant for a dress I’ll be wearing 3 months after the baby comes. Seriously, who in the world knows what size I’ll be then! But my new BFF sales lady assured me that I should order my usual size 4 and I fully intend to make her workout with me if I don’t fit into it a few weeks before the wedding.

How I’m feeling:

Baffled and still laughing at the stupid things people say to me now. I had one guy at work tell me that my face is changing and I now have chipmunk cheeks, but it’s ok because chipmunk cheeks are cute. Yeah, on a chipmunk, jackhole. Another guy just found out that I’m pregnant (hello genius, did you think my dry erase board was talking about someone else’s mango baby?) and he felt it necessary to tell me that this whole time he was thinking how it was such a shame that I was losing my figure and getting fat. Now he’s relieved that there’s a good reason for it. I’m sorry, it’s a shame? A shame that you can’t look at my skinniness anymore? Butthole. My new rule to anyone that ever knows any woman who is pregnant at any point that you know her is: do not say anything to her that you wouldn’t say if she wasn’t pregnant. Like no comments on how chipmunky her cheeks are getting, or how her thighs are widening, or how she’s not skinny anymore. Not cool.

Aside from that, I’m feeling nice and round these days 🙂 I know I’m only halfway but damn I’ve never had a belly like this before and it’s fun to watch it grow. I tend to do a double take every time I walk past a mirror and I think it’s safe to say that so far, I’m pretty much all belly. See, no basketball…


I’ve officially gone from 116lbs to 135lbs for a grand total of 19lbs gained so far. And to think, I’m supposed to be gaining 1-2 pounds a week from here on out and I have another 20 weeks to go! I’ll end up on or past the higher end of the recommended 25-35lb gain but I trust my body to do what it needs to do to keep this baby healthy and happy. And damn it, if momma’s hungry, momma’s gonna eat!

19 week belly shot:

I think curvy is an understatement 🙂

For past weeks, visit My Pregnancy Calendar

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13 responses to “19 weeks

  1. I think people should stick to two things when it comes to pregnant women, you choose, a. You look great! or b. You look great!

    We should write a book though on the crap that comes out of people’s mouths instead.

  2. PS. That’s my dog’s favorite spot on the couch too 😉

  3. love the drawing – I’m wondering how you managed to draw a turnip! Ive just passed mango myself, onto what I feel is a disappointment – banana!? not the image I was after (sorry if Ive ruined the suspense).
    I was a briedesmaid about 6 weeks ago and could manage to hide the bump with the flowers, but am up for it again next week and at this stage, because the dress is quite sheer and full, I look like a giant green cloud – no hiding the bump now! All the best for yours sisters wedding 🙂

  4. Beautiful pics, mama! Your posts always make me laugh out loud. 🙂 Can’t wait to hear next week if your little boy is still all boy!

  5. Oh Jaie, you are just so cute! I love the updates!! Let’s hope that the rest of the doctors in the practice are a wee bit more personable.

  6. and by Jaie, I meant Jaime. 🙂

  7. Jane

    Awesome sock-dress combo. I actually had one like that red one for my grandmother’s friend’s daughter’s wedding that I got drafted into as a brides maid at the last minute.

    I sooo would have decked that guy, and then said “guess what pregnancy gave me, hormones, bi-atch!” regardless of whether hormones were affecting me or not.

    And as for the No Personality Queen, squeeze her hand every time you have a contraction. Like, S-Q-U-E-E-Z-E!

    The first dress looked very cute, though. Just saying. (GET THE FIRST ONE!!!)

    Have fun on week 20! Can’t wait to hear about it.

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