moustache contest

Well Mrs. Guinea Pig, I told you he does it, too. Pierre Nachos says bon jour…

I’m thinking Officer Dave and Pierre Nachos need to have weekly moustache-carving competitions. Starting now….



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3 responses to “moustache contest

  1. Hahahahaha! This just made my day. I love it!! Pierre Nachos, I challenge you to a duel! Ok not really, since I just yelled to Dave “Hey! Will you shave an awesome mustache every week?”. He told I am crazy, and why don’t I do it myself. Psh, fine I will! I’ll wait until he’s asleep and shave his face for him 😉

  2. Jane

    Very interesting. I think I’m going to buy a bunch of fake moustaches.

  3. Bahahah! He looks like he should be on Reno 911!

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