22 weeks

I spy with my little eye a reflection of my bulbous belly

I know, my papaya is a little too Gumby green, but I don’t have a yellow-green dry erase marker so this will have to do for a week 🙂

This week was full of baby kicks and thumps, and I officially know when baby girl gets the hiccups! It’s the weirdest thing, I’ll feel a pow, then another, then another, all in the same spot – Scott got to feel her hiccupping the other night, too. Every time I feel it, I wonder if that’s her head banging against me or if baby hiccups are more of a full-blown body spasm. Either way, it’s pretty cool.

One night last week I was on my way home from work and heard one of my favorites on the radio – 99 Red Balloons – and I was suddenly inspired by the thought of the 99 red balloons floating in the summer sky (’cause you know, nothing says baby’s room like a song about a trigger happy government overreacting to balloons that they think are a nuclear attack, am I right?)….how about a sky blue nursery with red accents??? And I pulled more inspiration from the birthday party Kelle Hampton just threw for her little girl:

And I got super excited thinking about all the things I could do with those colors. But when Scott got home……he wasn’t really feeling it.


So I started thinking about maybe a yellow room, bright and sunny, with red accents. I showed him this and he liked it tons better:

(You may remember that I decorated the nursery a few months ago and thought I was done with it, but noooooooooooo, I had to start thinking about an overhaul. The room was ok tan, but it was so dark and not girly in the slightest.) Not sure what it was about the whole red accent thing but I was on a kick. And with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, red would be pretty damn easy to find at the moment. So last weekend I picked out the paint and I painted and painted till my little fingers bled.

Erm, as I was saying, Scott and I painted and ended up with an awesome new hue for the baby’s room.

The color is Haystack by Glidden

And with Wed and Thurs off due to the winter wonderland outside, I spent my snow days crafting lots of fun pretty things which will come in another post. I’ll share this though because I rarely get to see myself from someone else’s perspective so when Scott snapped this picture of me decorating the chandelier I giggled. Check out mah belly!

It looks so different from that when I look down!

How I’m feeling: Up until this week, my hips would start hurting if I laid on my right for too long and now it’s both sides. I’ve read a bunch of things that say not to lay or sleep on my back because the weight of my tum can cut off a major artery and slow down blood circulation to both me and the baby. So obvs until now I’ve been a little scared, but after my last ultrasound where I was pretty much on my back for a good 45 minutes in front of a high-risk OB, and after reading this (I loves me some Pregnant Chicken), I’m not so worried. And I have to say, propping my pillow up under my shoulder blades and sleeping on my back is doing wonders for my hip situation.

I haven’t really had any major cravings this week although I’ve been stuffing my face full of yogurt. And tonight I’m making a feast of breakfast food for dinner ’cause the thought of maple sausage and scrambled eggs crossed my mind yesterday and I haven’t stopped thinking about it. You know you want some now, too. Dinner is at 7.

I’m officially up 21-23 pounds depending on the time of day and at this point without trying to sound narcissistic, I can honestly say I feel cute 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, I have 2,573,548 thoughts a day about how I have to fit in a size 4 bridesmaid dress in August, and wow that skinny girl over there is lucky bitch, and did I just static-shock my finger on the car cause my thighs rubbed together again, and I could hide Hazel in that crater of an ass dimple, and damn my arms are getting bigger, but overall I know for a fact that I’m going to miss being pregnant when I’m not anymore so for now I’m focusing more on the rolly poly happy thoughts of this big round belly.

So I leave you with one more shot of this basketball I’m smuggling under my shirt at 22 weeks:

Stretchy maternity jeans are the new black you know.

For past weeks, visit My Pregnancy Calendar

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8 responses to “22 weeks

  1. You look great! Enjoy! Can’t wait to see your nursery projects.

  2. Jane

    OMG you are effing adorable! You’re like a Pregnant Nacho Pixie of Cuteness.

    I’m sorry if that sounded a little more creepy than intended.

    I’m in Texas, and because no one has ever prepared for snow, I just had 4 snow days, and we might end up with another one next week if the weather doesn’t let up. Every possible event that was planned is put off until next weekend when the weather is supposed to clear up. There is absolutely no canned good or jug of milk to be found in the northern half of my state.

    And our snow is turning to the ugly Texas snice mix (snow/ice), instead of the awesome powder snow from the north.

    And your blue-red idea has inspired me to look for stuff for my room in those colors. Thinking about redecorating, and so far I’m set of that shade of purple that’s between maroon and violet, but now I’m inspired to do something a bit brighter.

    Have a fantastic breakfast-dinner, and I can’t wait until the next post!

  3. Awww, you look great, it really does just look like a little ball under your belly! I noticed something, do you have a drop-side crib? I don’t know if you read about it, but the feds have banned all drop side cribs.
    Here’s a link to an article – http://www.usatoday.com/money/industries/retail/2010-12-15-cpsc-drop-side-cribs-outlawed_N.htm
    I don’t think there’s any exceptions… I think they banned all of them. 😦 Sorry to be the bearer of bad news if you didn’t know – but I want baby girl to be safe too!

    • We do have a drop-side crib but are getting the parts kit from the manufacturer that makes the drop-side immobile. We’ve got baby girl covered!

      • Sweet!! I hope you didn’t think I was being all – HEY, YOU AREN’T BEING SAFE!!!! 🙂 ‘Cause I don’t think a lot of mama’s got the heads up yet on the drop side.

  4. You look great!! The room is looking good too!

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