diy crib sheets

Lately I’ve been in this crazy DIY, wanna make things with my bare hands kinda mood. And reading certain blogs that I follow regularly like A Little Lovely and Craftily Ever After tend to keep my crafty itch itchy. (p.s. I totally tried to make one of these from Craftily and it kinda ended up looking like the tutorial…



Anywho, I’m thinking about tackling a new project that I need you all to hold me accountable for or else I’ll never try it. I’ve been looking for crib sheets that go along with our yellow and red nursery theme and I can’t find anything that I really like. So I googled “how to make crib sheets” and it honestly sounds pretty easy. The tricky part will be the fact that I neither own nor know how to use a sewing machine so I’d have to sew them by hand. Though it wouldn’t be hard, it would be time consuming…honestly though, I don’t have much else to do these days considering weekends are now best used by lying around like the expanding beach ball that I am. So this is what I found from Bundles of Love:

Crib Sheets Pattern

Crib sheets are very easy to sew, and less expensive than purchased sheets.

Recommended Fabrics:

Cotton or cotton-blend woven fabric, or flannel


  1. To begin, cut a rectangle of fabric 70″ x 45″.
  2. Cut out a square at each corner that is 8 and 3/4″. (You can save these to make quilt blocks which coordinate with the sheet).
  3. Match up the 2 sides of each cut out square – right sides together – and stitch. This makes the fitted corners.

You can finish the sheet edge in several different ways :

  1. Turn under the edge 1/4 “, then another 1/2″ to make a casing, leaving an opening to insert the elastic. Cut a 90″ piece of 3/8” elastic, insert into the casing, stitch the ends of the elastic together, and sew the opening closed.
  2. Overcast the edges all the way around with a serger. Sew the elastic on the wrong side with the edge of the elastic even with the edge of the fabric. Stretch the elastic as you sew it on.
  3. Hem the entire sheet, then use elastic only at the corners. Cut four lengths of elastic 15″ long. Stretch from the corner seam 12″ in each direction and sew on using a zig-zag or 3-step zig-zag.

All done! To make it extra special, make a coordinating crib quilt.

Yep, I won’t be making a quilt. Let’s start with a sheet.

Have any of you tackled anything like this? Sounds pretty easy, no?



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23 responses to “diy crib sheets

  1. Jane

    OMG! This sounds like it would be adorable. Can’t wait for belly pics, and I can’t wait to see those sheets. Churn them out, Nachos! I’m so excited about them!

    (I’ve become a baking fanatic, so I need to find something else to do with my time that won’t cause me to gain unwanted inches. Any suggestions?)

    • Let’s see….knitting, painting, horse whispering, dog whispering, furniture refurbishing, blacksmithing, cobblering, weather forecasting, auto racing, fly fishing, clay throwing, photography, gardening, skeet shooting, air riflery, leather conditioning, cotton picking, or you can try to make my baby some crib sheets 🙂

  2. You are one ambitious lady! If I were you I’d DISE (do it, someone else) via etsy 😉

  3. Wow! I’m impressed – you’re a brave woman. I can’t wait to see how they turn out!

  4. Ummm, again I ask, will you please come down here and do some crafty DIY stuff for me? 🙂 I am very jealous. I love the rose thingy, so cool! I have a feeling if I even attempted something like this I would royally screw it up.

  5. I vote buy yourself a sewing machine. 😉

    It does sound totally doable but INCREDIBLY time-consuming (or maybe it’s just that I’m really slow … but it seriously took me an hour the other day to sew on like four buttons. I wish I were kidding). If you had a machine, though, I think this would be like a twenty-minute project … and just think about all the other cute things you could make for yourself and for your baby! 🙂

    Or maybe you know someone who has one you could borrow, for a trial run?

    • After stringing all the beads for the chandelier I have determined that I may have the patience of a saint, though I could make SO many more things with a sewing machine. Can’t say I’ve ever used one but it can’t be all that hard, right?

      • I love your tips for beginning silgne mothers. I wish I’d had read these when I was just starting out. I was a silgne mother for the first year of Equis’ life, and I still technically am although I am now partnered up. IT IS HARD trying to do everything and never focusing on yourself. Your tip to not forget yourself is so important. Thanks for sharing, and I will share your post!

  6. Sarah

    I agree with Kelly….get a sewing machine…here’s a couple reasons why…1)much, much quicker 2)you don’t want the elastic and/or the sheet to come loose and the baby to get tangled…I made several crib sheets for our bassinet and you could make them the same way for a crib…essentially make a giant pillow case to slip the mattress into. Eliminates sewing elastic (which is hard) and seems safer…also if you have a tiny diaper leak or a tiny bit of baby barf, you can flip the mattress over and have a clean sheet…sounds gross, but a lifesaver when you’ve been up for days straight and are out of sheets….

  7. This is a great project! I also like Sarah’s idea about making the crib/bassinet sheets like a gigantic pillowcase — sewing elastic (while not impossible by any means!) can get a bit tricky. Best of luck — let us know how they turn out!

    • I am not gonna lie, you and your Christmas quilt came to mind when I read the instructions… I’ll be sure to save all the squares just in case I stumble upon one of these magical “sewing guinea pigs” you speak of. 😉

  8. Sarah

    Oh, a casing would be a good idea for the sheets–sounds great! The funny story in my family is that I made all kinds of lovely sewn quilts, blankets, clothing…for my friends kids….my poor children have to depend on my mother’s sewing skills 🙂

    • I was originally thinking I’d go with either the casing or just sewing elastic along the corners instead of all the way around the edge. And my little sister (hehe, little though she’s gonna be 29 this year) has always been the seamstress of the family. Until now. Mua ah ah.

  9. Love this. I’m totally trying it!

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