24 weeks

Anyone wanna meet me at Subway for lunch?

Depending on how you measure your months, if you go by the 4 weeks=1 month rule, then we’re officially at the 6 month mark!! Though with that logic at 16 more weeks to go, I still have another 4 months. Poops. Being pregnant since the beginning of September, I feel like I’ve been preggo forever! I’m officially getting anxious for baby girl to get here.

Let’s see….this week I discovered that I throw a pretty good baby shower…my sister and 20 of her closest friends gathered at my house for some good food, good company, and a few good games thrown into the mix. And yes, Laura was right, the babies in the ice cubes were for one of the games we did…melt the baby, get a basket. Sharon won!

Sorry Sharon, I had to…best picture taken all day 🙂

Shower post coming soon to a blog near you! For now, enjoy this beauty of our bellies trying to eat our sister, Michelle:

Crazy that there are actually 6 people in that picture.

At my last appointment, I was given a bottle of what they call “special cola” which from what I’ve been told is a very sugary orange drink, (like that super fancy pants name is gonna make me think it tastes better than I’m guessing it actually does), that I have sitting in my fridge waiting to be chugged. I’m saving it for my next appointment in a few weeks where they’ll draw my blood an hour after I drink it and test my body’s ability to break down sugar, ultimately testing for gestational diabetes. So for now, not knowing whether or not it’ll help much, I’m trying to eat healthier…fruit, cheese, yogurt…you know, boring stuff that doesn’t rhyme with Sirl Snout Sookies that may or may not be sitting on my kitchen counter whispering and taunting me every time I walk past them to grab a handful of grapes. And I have to say, I’ve happily slowed down my weight gain sprint climb a little, bringing my total so far to 24 pounds in 24 weeks.

Wanna see something funny? This made me giggle a little. Ok, a lottle:

5 weeks vs. 24 weeks

What I want to know is how in the world is my belly gonna keep growing for another 16 weeks??? I’m scured.

How I’m feeling this week: I’ve actually started having Braxton Hicks contractions, or “practice” contractions. They’re not painful, just a little pressure under my belly, then my stomach will get rock hard for a few seconds, then it’ll relax. It’s very strange. One of my weekly emails said to think of them as giving baby girl a massage which makes me happy…now if only I could find someone to put me in a pool and massage me every once in a while. Anyone?

Um, is this thing on?

My mood has been pretty awesome lately aside from a little incident at work the other day where I got yelled at by a douche bag and ended up crying for 5 hours. Seriously, if I wasn’t pregnant, this person wouldn’t have been worth a second thought, but throw some crazy hormones into the mix and I went from laughing to crying in t-minus 2 seconds. The only thing that stopped my tears hours later was 2 dozen of my mom’s homemade chocolate chip cookies a bag of yummy yummy wholesome carrots.

With my sister starting to think of shower planning for me shooting for sometime in April, I figured I should probably start a registry. And after looking around at a few places, I have officially fallen in love with Land of Nod. Problem is that it seems Land of Nod doesn’t believe in inexpensive furniture nor do they carry swings of any kind, so I added a second one at Wal-Mart for other necessities. And while I thought I’d want to register in person to be able to see the things we were actually picking, I ultimately ended up doing both online and I’m happy to report it went well – I’ve become quite the homebody these days. Plus it’s nice to be able to read reviews on things while making your list and checking it twice. And the one thing that I found to be SUPER helpful when trying to figure out what exactly we’ll need for this little girl is Lucie’s List. Brilliant.

I guess that’s all for this week (sorry my last few posts have been a little ADD but little tidbits from the week always pop in my head while I’m typing so it’s seems I’m a little all over the place at times).

I’ll leave you with the 24 week belly shot:

I love this baby girl so much. 

For past weeks, visit My Pregnancy Calendar

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9 responses to “24 weeks

  1. Look at you with that perfect belly!! You have seriously only gained weight there!

  2. Sharon Laechel

    Omg I look like a blow-up doll!

  3. Jane

    AWESOME! I really loved the pic where Sharon’s head is all stretched out. And, I have decided to say ‘screw it’ to my rainbow cupcakes, and instead blow my cash on Subway.

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