27 weeks

I didn’t think drawing cauliflower would be terribly exciting so I took a different route this week and made my baby a turkey…

This past weekend, I started thinking more and more about our baby registry because my shower will be coming up soon. And the more I thought about it, the more I thought it would be a good idea to swap out the small list I made at Wal-Mart for a Babies R Us registry instead. I mean, we’re now rewards customers, my mom is a rewards customer, there’s a Babies R Us right down the street from us, and come on, what pregnant woman wouldn’t like a store that offers this?

So I deleted our Wal-Mart registry, started up the Babies R Us one, and realized that they also had pretty much everything Land of Nod had that I loved, and most of it was a lot cheaper. So I also said goodbye to my original Land of Nod registry and ended up with a pretty beefy list all in one place.

Baby’s movements have become a lot more defined lately, like instead of the whole side of my belly going POW with a kick, I can feel knees and elbows swiping by and I swear I can feel her tapping me with her fingers or something once in a while. The craziest so far happened the other night when Scott and I went to bed…I actually squealed and started laughing uncontrollably because she tickled me! It almost felt like she grabbed my side like you do when you go to tickle someone. And I haven’t figured out if it’s a head or a butt, but I get a strange bulge once in a while just to the right of my belly button when she stretches. This whole thing is just so freaking cool.

Wanna see what’s happening to my innards? It’s crazy but awesome, I promise. Just click on Pierre:

Everyone lately has been asking me if I’m nervous. And to be honest, I’m not nervous ’cause I’ve always known that I was meant to be a momma. And Scott was meant to be this little girl’s daddy. And we’ll figure it out together and we’ll be great. Once in a while I get this silly giggly feeling when I think about holding her, and playing with her, and loving her and kissing her little tummy. And the funny thing is that while I can feel her moving around in there and I know that she’s very much real, I can’t picture her face or her body or her eyes or her little hands with perfect little fingernails and wrinkles around her knuckles and life lines on her palms because I’ve never seen her. No one has. Because she’s a brand new life that hasn’t met the world yet. And it blows my mind that Scott and I made a person that I can’t wait to meet and hand over my heart to. It’s like if someone came up to you and told you that you have a soul mate whom you’ve never met before and they’re standing on the other side of a door. And you can talk to them for months and months and they can hear you but they can’t talk back. And you know that you and your soul mate will love each other like crazy because you already have this bond that you’ve never had before with anyone else and it’s completely indescribable other than it being a bond that just rocks your soul to the very core.

Yeah. Kinda like that.

And I’ll leave you with a 27 week belly shot (I don’t know why my self portraits are so blurry lately, I think I move when I hit the button):

That used to be one of my longest t-shirts.

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6 responses to “27 weeks

  1. Julie Netzky

    Lookin’ good mama!

    I really liked your post today. And the most amazing thing that is going to happen is when you see her for the first time and it will be like you have known her all along, just differently.

    And it will amaze you probably 20 times a day at least that you and Scott did make her, and God figured out just how to put all of your genes together just so to make her so perfect.

    You are going to be amazing. You already are.

  2. Ah! You have the most adorable bump! I love the way you describe this whole experience as a soul mate, it’s completely true!

  3. You’re super adorable. 🙂 Also, that link was AMAZING! Very cool.

  4. Ha! I love the little turkey cooking away 🙂 I can’t even imagine being tickled from the inside – so crazy!

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