little stinker

  • 1 quart hydrogen peroxide
  • 1/4 cup baking soda
  • 2 tsp liquid soap

Pure. Freaking. Genius.

Picture this…there I was laying on the couch last night at 11:00pm, watching the back of my eyelids as my dad says, when I heard Scott get up to take the doggies out for their last backyard romp of the evening before bed. And no less than 5 seconds after the door shut behind him, I heard Scott yelling at the top of his lungs. Not just a “no!” but more of a “noooooooOOOOOOOOOOZOMGGETBACKHERE!!!NOOOOOOO!!” I jumped up, ran to the door and knew the second I opened it.

The smell slapped me across the face, it was so strong.

Pepe the skunk was back with a vengeance and according to Scott, Princess cornered him back against the shed and paid the price. Twice. And for some really REALLY stupid reason I just had to sniff her to believe it. Now I don’t know how many of you have ever smelled an animal up close that has been sprayed by a skunk but I do NOT recommend it. It is the most raunchy, potent, makes you want to rip your nose off, knock you on your butt smell ever. Scott was literally burping skunk smell last night. And 18 hours later I can still smell it in my nose.

Anywho, after quickly skimming a few websites that suggested the above concoction, all of which we had in the house, I figured I’d try it. I soon found myself stripping out of my pjs and into a pair of old shorts that cut off the circulation in my sausage thighs, a tank top that rode up nicely over my pregnant basketball belly, and a pair of hot pink fuzzy knee socks (though a fine addition to the outfit, I was actually wearing those beforehand). I grabbed a pair of those sexy yellow rubber gloves that go up to your elbows, and held the stinky dog as far out in front of me as possible while running down to the utility sink in the laundry room for a skunk bath or three. Not what I had in mind for a Monday night at 11:00, though a video of it would have secured me the $10,000 AFV 1st prize, fo’ sho.

Needless to say, after a good soak with the peroxide mix and 2 shampoos later, my stink-ass dog (sorry Princess, mommy still loves you) is proof that it actually works really, really well! My only problem is that she was sprayed in the face and I didn’t want to get peroxide too close to her eyes so she’s now Princess Stink Face of Suburbia Manor.

Like a fine stinky cheese.



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5 responses to “little stinker

  1. Jane

    Wow. I’m glad my dog hasn’t ever been sprayed– she’s a giant schnauser, and we’d have to bathe her in my bath tub. If she gets sprayed, she’s just going to become an outside dog, and we’ll hope it wears off, eventually.

  2. Yes! this happened to our bulldog. It does not smell anything like a skunk dead in the road does. It is awful, and you’re right. Long after the smell was gone I could still “smell” it in my nose. It was awful! But that mixture worked for us too! Glad she’s mostly stink free

  3. oh poor princess! and poor you for having to deal with that. i’m glad she’s mostly stink-free now.

  4. Oh noooo!! Poor Princess 😦 Good to know that combo works for getting the skunk smell out, although I think it’s really funny her face still stinks. And I dearly wish we had a photo of you in your washing getup!

  5. Oh my gosh! Skunk smell is bad from far away, so I can’t imagine what up close is like! Oh, and I freakin LOVE her new name “Princess Stink Face of Suburbia Manor” LOL!

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