american idol top 12

Any American Idol fans out there? Looky what Scott gave me for the fridge! I giggled like a little girl when he brought this home because I’m ridiculous. I’ve realized that since I can’t drink, I’ve had to find other ways to entertain myself. Don’t mind the magnets 🙂

All the contestants’ faces are stickers that I got to arrange in order of my faves (starting at the top, going left to right) and as they get voted off I put a big fat X over their mugs.

I’ll admit I have some very strong opinions on a lot of these people, but I’ll spare ya ’cause I’m feeling nice today.

Tho’ I have to give a big internet *suck it!* shout-out to upside down McCreery… he should stick to lockin’ them doors and turnin’ the lights down low. Toolbox.

Sorry, sorry. That was mean.

If you’re an Idol fan, would you change my order at all?



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9 responses to “american idol top 12

  1. I am a new follower of your blog and I absolutley love it! I completly agree with your top 2!!! love them.

    side note- I am also pregnant and looking like not to far behind you! hope you have a great few months left

    • Yea, another pregnant buddy! Adding you to my pregger friends on the right if you don’t mind 🙂

      p.s. Good luck with your 3 hour results, I just got the actual numbers from my results and it looks like I passed with flying colors (minus the stupid fasting score), fingers crossed you’ll get the same happy news!

  2. Cari

    dont mind at all!! I also have a blog, (it’s pretty lame and boring but feel free to follow)

    Thank you, me too, I really cant handle going on a diet I enjoy sweets too much lol

  3. Creen

    Paul is my #1!!!! I can watch him all day 🙂
    I think Pia may win it. Casey is cool. I don’t think Lauren has the confidence to make it too far, along with a few of the other girls.

    • Haha, my boss LOVES Paul, too! I think it’s his creepo smile and the way he dances all bent over and shuffle-y that kill it for me. And I can see that about Lauren but I think I have a slight girl crush on her ’cause she just seems so sweet and she has such an awesome voice.

  4. LOL’s, I haaaaaaaate McCreery too. I’ve hated him since hollywood week. I want to punch him everytime he opens his mouth. AGH!
    And Lauren is my fav too! Pia is a close second for me, but I do like Casey Abrams too. This years cast definitely has more talent than a lot of previous seasons.

    Good news, passed my 3 hr test. 🙂 Now I am trying to figure out which LARGE treat to give myself – ice cream, doughnut, giant candy bar…. hmmm….

    • I was seriously going to say that I want to punch him in the face everytime I see him but I chose to edit myself slightly 🙂 I kinda wonder if he was the douche bag in his high school class that everyone hated because he had an ego the size of Texas for no good reason.

      Woohoo on passing the test…I say eat ’em all! ( I had a bunch of cookies minutes before I called for my results just in case it was going to be the last of sugar for me for a while!)

  5. Colleen

    HAHAHAHA! My husband and I sing that every time Scotty McToolbox comes on the screen. Stupid locks and doors and lights! lol

    That being said, he was the cutest fat little blue-eyed baby! Then he had to go ruin it by trying to be all Rico Suave on the microphone. Whatev. 🙂

  6. Not really a fan of Scotty, but I really think he might have a chance to win (little girls seem to loooove him). Country’s not really my thing, but I’d be willing to be no matter the outcome, he’ll get signed to some record deal. He really does have a classic country voice.

    And… I love Paul. He’s kind of sucked it big time the last 2 weeks, but his voice is so unique! I want a girl to win though, so I think I’m rooting for Lauren because all the other girls are boring (except for maybe Naima who I don’t think has the vocal chops).

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