28 weeks

Baby is around 15 inches long…how’s that for crafty? The Bump still says baby is an eggplant for the 4th week in a row but I prefer this whole ‘taking matters into my own hands’ thing 🙂

Now that baby’s movements are so much more defined, I’m trying to figure out what position she’s in and what body parts I’m actually feeling. Like the bulge next to my belly button…could be a head…could be a butt. And the knees I keep feeling?…maybe they’re actually elbows…or feet. I have a feeling she’s laying sideways in there because when I lay on my left, it feels like she’s dancing, feet on my left, head all the way to the right, both bumping away at the same time. But at this point, it’s really just a guess. As long as she’s head down when the time comes, she can wrap her toes around my spleen for all I care 🙂

So you all know that I passed my 3 hour glucose test but was told that my fasting blood sugar was elevated. And I just got the actual numbers 2 days ago….


At first I was kinda pissed that they’re making me cut carbs and watch my sugar intake for 5 measly points for the next 12 weeks, but after 3 days of low to no carbs, little sugar, it’s kind of amazing to me how much different I feel! I don’t feel puffy anymore and the fact that my wedding rings actually fit on my finger again prove that it isn’t all in my head. I’m down 2 pounds which I’m sure was that extra swelling/bloat, my yoga pants have a little more room in the thigh area, and I haven’t woken up with acid reflux for 3 nights now which was starting to get bad there for a minute. No worries, I’m still eating more than enough and baby girl is getting plenty of food, but I may just be able to keep myself in the healthy 25-35 pound range of weight gain between now and the end. Hoorah!

What I’m craving: gee, um, carbs. Oh, and baby toes. Have you tried them? They’re delightful.

My tummy made the perfect little seat for Ethan and the perfect angle for me to nibble on him.

My youngest sister, Becky, flew in from San Fran this past weekend to meet the babies, and it was awesome hanging out with her for a bit.

It’s weird, she won’t get to meet my little one until baby’s about 3 months old at our other sister, Michelle’s wedding in August, but I’ll be sure to send her lots of pictures until then. 🙂

My sis, Julie and I officially set the date for my baby shower which wasn’t easy…March is almost over, and April is Scott’s birthday, our 1 year wedding anniversary, Easter, our hospital tour, and a few other randoms that have pretty much eaten up the weekends. So with a little hesitation, it’ll be during my 35th week. Someone may have to tip me on my side and roll me around to mingle, but it’d make for some great pictures.

Happy St. Patty’s Day to everyone (please drink a green beer for me)!

And now your 7 month, 28 week belly shot (check out mah belly button, it’s sexay):  

This is probably the first year EVER that I didn’t wear green on St. Pat’s (for shame!) but I don’t have anything green that actually fits me anymore. I promise to squeeze into my St. Patty’s Day baby tee when I get home.

I might just have to take a picture of that one.

**EDIT** What was I saying about watching my sugar intake? Someone just brought me this cookie the size of my forearm and I watched as I just intook it’s head and arms and half of it’s torso. Damn St. Patty’s Day cookie looking all purty and sweet.

**EDIT EDIT** WTF? Our office supply guy just showed up with 4 more bags of cookies. And we’re having ice cream cake for my boss’s birthday. It’s almost like they could all hear me crying inside.

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12 responses to “28 weeks

  1. Jane

    Wow. That’s torture. You should torture them all with something else– I have absolutely no idea what, but you’ll think of something! (Miss Crafty-pants who built an awesome chandelier!!)

    I made a bunch of chocolate chip cookies for a friend today, and am trying to send you the awesomeness of them, without the sugar intake, but no luck that I know of. The thought’s there.

    I’m not wearing green either. I smack people who pinch me. Hope people don’t torture you anymore with the cookies and stuff you shouldn’t have right now!

    • Thank you for the chocolate chip cookie vibes! I ended up eating that whole big bear cookie and I felt like crap for a few hours after. That’ll learn me.

  2. Cari

    congrats to your sister on her little ones!

    oh the torture of the sweets!!! they look so so yummy!!! I havent heard back from my OB yet, so I must call tomorrow- last time I thought no news was good news they called and told me I failed my hour test so I cant take it anymore lol

    you & your belly look so so cute!!! I think we’re like a day apart I turn 28 weeks tomorrow and sounds like our showers are going to be the same time too!! I am having mine May 7, ill be 35w

    …..no green for me either 😉


    Oh whoops… just needed to get that out there.


    • Seriously, he’s gotta go! He may or may not have sprouted a moustachio and a black tooth on my fridge poster this morning, and I foresee him getting uglier every week…

  4. Eee! The belly! You are so, so, so cute as a preggo!

  5. Julie D.

    If you are interested in figuring out what position your baby is in, you should check out this book on belly mapping:
    It explain what the different body parts feel like and what position the baby is in based on where you feel those parts. My doula lent it to me and I thought it was pretty informative.

  6. Linda

    Okay, coming out of lurk-dom just to say: I just had my baby shower yesterday and as of today I’m officially 36 weeks, so I hope to give you hope that it will work out having your shower so late. One thing I did notice was that my ankles got SOOO swollen so try to sit with your feet up if possible when doing things like opening gifts. My MIL made me sit in an uncomfortable chair where my feet didn’t touch the ground so I’m still paying for it today…learn from my mistakes! 🙂

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