29 weeks

And after Googling ‘what weighs 3 pounds?’ I also found out that she weighs the same as Mr. Peebles, the world’s smallest cat as well as the world’s largest gummy worm. Interesting stuff here, friends.

This week I practiced my swaddling on pretty much anything that would fit in the little blanket. I think you see where this is going….

Don’t let her whining fool you, this was her 2 minutes later…

Like magic.

Overall I’m still feeling really good but I’m definitely slowing down…carrying this belly around is like carrying a backpack full of books on my front. Walking, stairs, drinking water… I swear I’m out of breath from blinking. Sleeping is getting kinda painful these days and despite the millions of pillows I have around the bed, I’ve discovered that I wake up less in the middle of the night from hip/lower back pain if I sleep on my side with not a pillow in sight. Sorry body pillows, I think you’re being retired.

I looked up baby girl’s zodiac sign here (they pretty much nailed mine and Scott’s personalities and tendencies), and she’s gonna be a Gemini unless she comes 3 weeks early or 2 weeks late (please oh please dear God, no). Apparently she’s gonna be mischievous, talented, she’ll learn a little about everything instead of becoming an expert on one thing, and she’ll be quick to make money but just as quick to spend it. Oh, and her birthstone if she’s born in June is a pearl.

Scott and I talked about teaching her sign language as a baby (think of the little boy in Meet the Fockers doing the sign for milk). I knew someone who taught their little one basic signs like eat, more, and help and it was really amazing watching this baby telling his parents what he wanted long before he could actually speak. And the basics are all pretty easy to remember…I found this website with pictures of signs and tips for teaching a little one.

Funny story: I was grocery shopping after work a few days ago and passed a guy giving M&Ms in exchange for donations for little league uniforms outside the entrance of the store. I gave him my standard, “sorry, I don’t have any cash on me,” line and walked past him to do my shopping. Well you all know by now that all you have to do is name a food and I instantly crave it until I get it in my mouth. So of course the thought of those peanut butter M&Ms was running through my head the entire time so I decided I’d help out with a dollar donation and snatch up a bag of yummers. I walked out, put my dollar in his cup, and asked if I had a choice of what kind I could have (he had regular, peanut and peanut butter).

Then he tells me it’s 1 bag for $3.


I had seriously just walked past an entire checkout aisle full of bags of M&Ms for $0.75 thinking I’d contribute, help those little guys with their uniforms ’cause no little boy should have to play baseball naked, and at the same time I’d fulfill my craving. Win/win, no? No! Jerky wouldn’t give them to me. Who denies a pregnant woman a freaking bag of M&Ms? I’m sorry, I’ve never seen the Salvation Army guys deny anyone their little roll of fake life savers because they only gave a handful of change, have you?

Cravings this week (other than stupid M&Ms): omelettes…and they fit into my no white carb diet so they’re perfect. I had never in my life attempted to make an omelette so Scott found this video for me, and although they turn out more like crepes with this method, filled with maple sausage and cream cheese, they are delicious!!

My other I-HAVE-TO-HAVE-IT-NOW craving of the week was cheesecake. I was watching something on tv and the person on the screen wasn’t even eating cheesecake, but it looked like cheesecake so I suddenly had to have some. Seriously, I think they were actually eating mashed potatoes or something.

Crap, now I want mashed potatoes.

Anywho, I called Scott on his way home and he arrived with this…

I swear it was missing those 3 1/2 pieces when he bought it. And no, that’s not a crumb on my shirt, it’s, um, toothpaste.

And for your 29 week belly shot:

Yeah, I’m not quite sure how I’m not toppling over, either.

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13 responses to “29 weeks

  1. Jane

    Maybe you should do like Sophia did on that episode of Golden Palace (Golden Girls spin-off), when Blanche had the night mare they were all pregnant, and get a walking stick with wheels to hold your belly up. You may just topple over.

    Just out of curiosity, do you ever misjudge a step, and miss it because you can’t see under your belly?

    And, damn it, I want an omlette.

    • How have I never heard of this Golden Palace? Must. Find. Episode.

      I have yet to misjudge a step but I’m sure it’d be very entertaining watching me walking down the stairs in the dark in the morning…I feel for each step with my feet at least twice before taking the plunge to the next, then do that funny stomp when I think there’s one more but there really isn’t.

      And I honestly almost wrote something in the post about how you would probably want an omelette after reading it…your sense of food persuasion always seems to be as strong as mine 🙂

  2. Oh man, that cheesecake looks YUMMY!

  3. Oh how I love your humor. I really hope I’m as funny as you when I’m carrying a little child. Plus, I really want cheesecake too now.

  4. Sharon

    You and your little basketball are so darn cute! I wish I were half a cute as you when I was pregnant. 😉

  5. Cari

    I wish I had a dog small enough to practice my swaddling skills on haha and I love how she fell asleep!!!! 🙂

    Girl, I totally am with you- I hate the fact I take like 2 steps and I feel like I ran a damn marathon!!! Also am so sick of being uncomfortable and not being able to sleep…and I think I may have to try without the body pillow ….(considering it takes up like 50% of the bed!) my hips have been killing me at night and I feel like a granny when I have to get up 13494 times to go to the bathroom! And everyone keeps reminding me oh it’s not going to get better once the baby gets here- gee thanks I didnt already know that!

    Um I want to take that cheesecake right off the screen and devour that whole tray!!!

    you and your belly look so stinking cute!!!

  6. md

    As sweet as it is to teach your baby sign language, i’ve also heard experts warn against it until babies learn to talk first. Learning to communicate thru signing before speaking can also make babies “lazy” when it comes to verbal communication. Just an FYI!

  7. I love this post. The swaddled dog? Hilarious. The cheesecake? OMG, yes. And seriously, I CAN’T BELIEVE that guy denied a VISIBLY PREGNANT WOMAN a bag of M&Ms. You gave a dollar, damnit! I hope his team loses every single game. What a massive douche.

  8. Your bump could not be more adorable.

  9. i love your description of the food cravings. and the doggie burrito.

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