american idol…another 2 bite the dust

I’m happy that my favorite 3 are all still hanging on!

Though his butcher job of one of my favorite Elton John songs with his weird-smiley-off-key-whispering should have sealed the deal, that floral suit should have been enough to get Paul kicked off last night. Just sayin’.

And Sara Lyn, I wouldn’t blame you if you never spoke to me again….but (and I blame my pregnancy hormones) I had an extremely inappropriate dream the other night about the ‘Creer. I don’t know where that one came from. Seriously, I’m so ashamed.

I swear the poster came like that.

Anyone else think James is a cheesy-rocker-screeching-wanna-be? Just cause you can screech on key doesn’t mean it sounds good. Would you agree that Haley redeemed herself this week after the awful lipstick fiasco? Seriously, her makeup artist should be ashamed of him/herself…they do make lipstick that’s impossible to smear all over your face with a microphone. Did I miss anything?



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4 responses to “american idol…another 2 bite the dust

  1. Cari

    haha i love this!

    I am quite happy with who got voted off…that suit that Paul wore def needs burned or something!!! James- frankly I cant take much more of the steven tyler wanna be crap! Im over it. Haley did GREAT! Even tho Lauren is still my TOP favorite girl…and Casey may be reaching to be my top favorite guy!

  2. omg. There is just so much to say here.
    First, I BURST out laughing when I saw your pic of McCreepy pants, then continued to laugh when I saw that you called him “The Creer.” I will let you pass this one time on the dream, because these preggo hormones have me dreamin’ allll kinds of weird shit lately too. I hope to GOD I don’t dream of the ‘Creer. I cannot STAND when he finishes singing and the judges just eat him up and praise the crap out of him. I sit there just staring wide – eyed. I actually really like J-Lo on this, and think she has some really valid opinions…. it boggles my mind to no end that they cannot see he is indeed, (as that one producer they all keep loving up on) a one trick pony. UGH.

    Agreed on Haley, totally redeemed herself. I actually love the tone of her voice, but she always looks terrified up there at some point during her song. I’d love to have seen Thia Mgia Babia Patria sing something by Adele, like “To feel my love.” Have you heard her version of that song? Fantastic. I think her voice would have sounded amazing on it. Even Haley would sound great singing some Adele. Casey is hilarious, but his weird performances before this week totally turned me off. I loved loved his voice this week though. And Lauren… ohhh Lauren. I just love this girl. However, it totally freaks me out when she gets on stage because she goes from this totally immature, squeaky, dumb Kelly Pickler type girl, to this amazingly mature, seasoned performer. WTH??? She looks at least 23 when she’s up there singing, and looks like she’s been doing it forever. I hope she continues to back off the dumb southern girl act, then I could love her with all my heart. 🙂

    Omg, btw, when the hell did we get into our 30+ weeks?? Our daughters will be here so soon!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ok, did you notice last night that Steven Tyler said something about thinking that the Creer was a one trick pony this whole time but that he just proved him wrong? Um, why hasn’t he told him this little opinion until now? Seriously, I just don’t get why they’re coddling his ugly ass.

  3. Jane

    Huh. I never watch American Idol, because all the people on there aside from Steven Tyler infuriate me. And Steven Tyler only doesn’t infuriate me because I ❤ Aerosmith.

    But your post made me giggle.

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