new big seat for my new big butt

When we started planning out the baby’s room, Scott’s brother and sister-in-law were happy to get their attic back so they donated all the furniture we would need for the room. This included a glider with a matching gliding ottoman that I reupholstered to match the color scheme. Wellllllll, the glider is being relocated to another room today because I bought one of these for baby’s room instead….


(not this exact one but pretty darn close, ours was on sale for $199 at Value City Furniture)

And while I normally pass it up when buying furniture, I decided to spend the extra $30 on a stain-resistant treatment and the 7 year warranty on stains and tears. At first it was a toss up between a rocker recliner or a cushy loveseat, but I figured it’d be easier to incorporate a recliner in with our other furniture when it comes time to take it out of the baby’s room…you know, when she’s 45 and I let her move out of the house and maybe start dating.

Now the question is, do I attempt to make a red slip cover that matches the room for this bad boy? Hmmmm, I think I see a new sewing project on the weekend horizon….



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5 responses to “new big seat for my new big butt

  1. That looks so ridiculously comfy! As for the slipcover…it might take a bit of time, but I’m sure if you put your mind to it, you can do it. 😉

  2. i agree with abby–that is incredibly comfortable looking. you could disappear in that thing.

  3. Jane

    I want it. In black leather, but I want it. It looks so comfy.

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