31 weeks

Hehe, after yesterday’s post title, I got tons of hits from people googling “big butt”…guess I should be careful about what I put in my posts… though things like “Bieber marries his mole” and “monkey boobs” would probably expand my readership quite a bit…let’s see what those get me. 🙂

I spy with my little eye an Amy photobomber

9 more weeks…I can see the light at the end of the tunnel…so close yet still so far away….

While I think I’ve been pretty calm during this entire pregnancy, this week I’ve developed a new, completely sane and perfectly rational, first-time-pregnant, I-don’t-know-what-I’m-doing fear. Because of some minor pains I had been feeling in the lower part of my tummy a few days ago, I started worrying a bit about the possibility of unexpectedly going into pre-term labor. So when I was walking through Home Depot, I panicked a little at the image that flashed through my head…picture it…me, in the hardware section, a water gush like a dam breaking, people slip-sliding past me like the floor had been buttered, contractions coming on fast and furious, and in less than a minute, out slides baby right there next to the drawer knobs and draft stoppers. An employee named Doris who’s walking by has to cut the cord with gardening shears while someone announces over the loud-speaker, “clean up in aisle 7“. Then I call Scott and tell him he has a daughter and I’ve changed her name to Dremmel.

Needless to say, I had to go to the grocery store when I left Home Depot and the fear was much the same, although it also involved falling into a pyramid of soup cans and baby’s new name was Salisbury, middle name Steak.

What? It could happen.

My nesting instincts have started to kick into high gear – I’m at the point where I feel like I need to get everything finished, like right now. Scott and I have been getting the nursery more baby-ready…we got the recliner in last night, bought a few closet organizers over the weekend to put some clothes away, washed 50 loads of baby laundry in 3 days (thanks to Scott’s brother and sister-in-law, we’ll be able to clothe this baby for the next 3 years), and pulled the cedar chest I had thrown in the closet out into the room which we decided to actually use. I made a cushion for the top of it and decorated some new knobs to spruce it up a little. You should all know my obsession with rhinestones and glitter doesn’t stop at wedding stuff…

glue mini heart rhinestones on knobs and cover with a coat of Mod Podge Gloss finish

But with the shower on the horizon, there’s really only so much more I can do before we know what we’ll still have left to buy. Though it’s funny, while we have a chest and a crib full of clothes, we’re still short on newborn and 0-3 month sizes… the exact sizes that the-powers-that-be tell you not to register for because you’ll get tons and tons of them no matter what. Ummmmmm….ya…I wonder if I can just rig up a system of pins and ties and elastic and just fit the 12 month clothes on her, kind of a one-size-fits-all DIY system. I should start working on a patent.

I haven’t really had any specific cravings lately, I think the crave part of this whole pregnancy may be subsiding…or maybe it helps that I kind of just graze all day long now so there’s always something in my stomach.

I’m feeling pretty good aside from my lower back that I killed last weekend after running around all day. 5 days later and I’m still recuperating from that one. Oh, and yesterday I discovered that the skin above my belly button is completely numb. I can pinch it and I don’t feel a thing, like when you get a shot of novocaine at the dentist, but not, er, in the stomach, ’cause um, your dentist shouldn’t be anywhere near there, I don’t think… anywho, it’s a very strange feeling and it makes sense – I’m firsthand witnessing just how far skin can actually stretch, but there are only so many nerve endings to go around.

Speaking of stomachs, my belly button is officially completely inside-outtie and I gave up trying to hide it under my shirts, plus my attempts with packaging tape/band aids were growing more and more futile. Let’s see – an outtie or wrinkly tape marks? I chose the lesser of two evils: I’m out and I’m proud. Though for you future outtie-ladies, they do make something called Miss Oops Popper Stoppers…it’s a little late for me but I think next time I’d buy them for the name alone.

And for your 31 week belly shot:

So sleepy.

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17 responses to “31 weeks

  1. Braaaain!! The image of you having a baby in the middle of Home Depot is simultaneously hilarious and terrifying. The heart rhinestones are so cute, as are you (as usual)! I can’t believe you’re over 75% of the way there – can’t wait to ‘meet’ Baby Girl!

  2. Jane

    Oh my God. I can’t believe how much difference there is between a week of no post of belly. It’s just so…..AWESOME! Now you’ve got me curious about what would happen to a belly button ring while pregnant, though. No interesting cravings this time? You should make some oreo balls sometime- I’m just trying to inspire you in the way you’ve inspired me, Nachos. (Oooh! Another inspiration!)

    • I feel like the belly has grown a ton over the last week, though I haven’t gained anymore weight! I thought about posting a picture of my belly button, just didn’t know if that would be too weird…I took my bb ring out when my belly started getting bigger and the holes now are really funny looking. 🙂 And it seems your inspiration has carried over – Amy is baking this weekend, I think she’s making chocolate chip cookies stuffed with oreos and bringing me a few…I can’t wait!

  3. Ohh my goodness! You are so close! Less than 3 months – thats amazing! You are still looking great. I hope everything continues to go well with you!

  4. Wow, you’re belly alone is bigger than the tiny rest of you! How cute!

  5. I hope that when I’m pregnant I look half as cute as you do – you’re so adorable! (Any chance we can see pictures of the whole nursery sometime soon?!)

    • I was just talking to Scott last night about a new nursery post since it’s gone through so many changes….once I get all the baby clothes put away, I promise I’ll post next week sometime. 🙂

  6. You’re imaginative birth stories at Home Depot and the grocery store made me bust out laughing. At work. So worth it though!!

  7. Creen

    I just noticed the girl making a face in the first pic.

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  9. hey you gorgeous pregnant lady!

    wow…um…an adult brain…how…cute.

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  11. Hi this is Nathan touching a bum but I don’t know yeah but like I do like pregnant women

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