the nursery to date

Layout made with Basset Furniture’s Room Planner

Wall color – Haystack by Glidden

I mentioned the recliner last week and I think I’m gonna pass on making a slip cover for it and just leave it as-is ’cause I’m lazy like that and I’ve already spent enough money on this room.

The little white bookcase next to the door was a new addition I picked up yesterday – $19.99 at KMart…I wanted it in cedar to match the rest of the furniture but I could only find it in white or espresso (you can also get them in 6 cube or 9 cube dimensions and/or attach different sized ones to each other to create a custom unit), and I grabbed the very last red cube they had for it that was hidden behind a bunch of boxes…

it was fate I tells ya.

Canvas hanging organizers from Babies R US – $18.99 (SO great if you don’t have room for a dresser). We also picked up 2 double hang organizers but I don’t like them ’cause they don’t hold nearly as much…I think I’m gonna return them for 4 more of the single ones that you see there.

All of the baby clothes we have been given – everything from newborn to 4T – has been washed, dried, sorted, folded and stored. You can see some of the newborn and 0-3 month clothes there (the 2 double hanging thingies you can’t see to the left and right of those are full, too), and bags of toys on the floor that I can’t figure out what to do with quite yet. Oh, and this baby has more hats and socks than any baby should ever need in their lifetime.

Paisley piggy bank $9.99 from Target, felt flower ball handmade, candlestick from Michaels’ sale aisle, lamp from Target 6 years ago, freshened up with some white spray paint

My old cedar chest came out of hiding…I decorated some new hardware and made a cushion for it using foam squares  (would have been nice had they been $3.99 when I bought them!) and fabric from Joann. It is currently stuffed full of 12 months+ baby clothing.  

Yesterday I added a 3×5 red rug (it’s a little bright but I found it at KMart for $11 and couldn’t resist).

Handmade pinwheel mobile – tutorial found here

Handmade crib sheets – tutorial found here

I still think my favorite thing in the whole room is the chandelier I revamped which is just ironic considering we did everything in our power to rid the house of Crazy Lady’s craziness…yet this started out as a piece of her crap that she left behind for us.

I think the only thing you haven’t seen is a name banner that I made out of letter stencils that I printed and traced onto foam sheets, cut out, decorated with some sticky rhinestones, and strung on a piece of yarn. That’ll be hung once baby girl arrives since we’re still keeping her name a secret 🙂

So there you have it…a little 10×10 room turned yellow-and-red-nursery. I think I’ve put more into this little room than any other room in the house and aside from a changing pad cover and some breathable bumpers, I think I’m finished.

Haha, who am I kidding, we all know I’ll find more to do.



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10 responses to “the nursery to date

  1. So, so cute!! I love the room! Everything is so precious!

  2. Beautiful and so cheery, I love it! Great job Jaime 🙂

  3. Looks great! =)

    You’re making me feel like such a slacker though… I still need to clean out the baby’s room!

  4. So cute, I love it! Question – where did you find those cute little white wall shelves you have hanging by the pictures? I have been looking for ones exactly like that and cannot find anything! I’ve tried Target, Walmart, everywhere!

  5. It looks so great! The pops of red are so cheery — and I still can’t get over that amazing mobile.

  6. Oh wow, it looks so great! I especially REALLY love the pinwheels … they look so great with the rest of the room!

    what a lucky baby 🙂

  7. Sharon Laechel

    Looks adorable. Lots of hard work!!

  8. Jane

    OMG! Come redecorate my room, please, in lavender, olive drab, navy blue, and red. (Yes, out there, I know.) I’m still in the process of finding a chandelier for my room, but I think I’ll just spring for a new ceiling fan because my granddad’s white and flowery one is ugly. You’ve inspired me so, Nachos!

  9. it looks fantastic! so cheery and cozy. love that hanging closet thingamajig. and the pinwheels. and the furbaby in the computer drawing. love it all, pretty much.

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