32 weeks

 This week my belly officially outgrew most of my maternity tops. I was kind of hoping to not have to spend any more money on clothes that I’ll only be wearing for a few more months, but considering the fact that I have to actually show up to work and I already push the whole “business casual” thing as it is, I figured a belly hanging out of the bottom of my shirts would really really not work. So I hit Target on my way home a few days ago, grabbed a few things to try on, and took over one of the family sized changing rooms.

Holy crap.

Have you ever gained a bunch of weight and then stared at a lumpy ass in the mirror that you didn’t recognize? Needless to say, I got the hell outta there and went home empty-handed not only because they had junk in the maternity section, but also because for the first time in my life, I officially felt really bad about what I saw in the mirror. I know, I know, I’m pregnant and my body of course was going to change and get bigger and pack on the pounds, but I’m not gonna lie, I got a little weepy when I got home. And if that wasn’t motivation enough for me to get my cottage cheesy behind back in shape after this baby arrives, I don’t know what is.

The next day, I hit Old Navy’s maternity section and made out like a bandit (pst…they don’t have 360 mirrors in their changing rooms, only front facing smiley face pretty pregnant belly mirrors). From now on I only know Target for home goods, purses and shoes, thankyouverymuch.

Anywho, enough of my pity party for the extra ass that somehow attached itself to mine…do you all remember a few weeks ago when I practiced my swaddle on Hazel? Well, yesterday, Hazy once again fell victim to our desire to figure out how things are done when we pulled out the Baby Bjorn to see how it works…

Um, no, that’s not terror, it’s pure happiness in her eyes. She told me so.

Oh, and we were overjoyed to discover that yes, our crib will fit at least a 9 pound baby. ‘Cause you know, I had my doubts…

 She’s momma’s little helper, that furry one.

I had a doctor’s appointment this past Monday and according to the senile nurse, I somehow gained 6 pounds in the last 2 weeks. I swear she was crazy. Mad I tells ya. I was looking right at the scale and she saw something totally different than I saw. She saw 149. I saw 148. My scale at home that morning said 145. I wanted so bad to check the balance of the scale when she left the room but I sat there worrying that the doc would walk in and wonder what I was doing. So when the doctor finally came in, I told her I had questions about the accuracy of the scale because there was no way possible I gained 6 pounds in 2 weeks. None.

That family-sized Stouffers lasagna had nothin’ to do with nothin’.

And awesome Dr. B made me feel so much better when she said yes, their scale may be off, I might be carrying a lot of excess fluid since it was the end of the day, and to date even at 149, I’d have only gained 28 pounds which is perfect. Perfect! I love Dr. B. and her generous use of the word perfect. She then measured my tummy and said it was measuring perfect.

There it was again. That word just ever so gently stroking my Target-bruised ego.

We listened to baby girl’s heartbeat which she said sounds…wait for it…perfect. Then she squeezed and pushed on my tummy a little and told me that baby girl is head down, confirming that I have in fact been nudging feet and not poking baby in the eye. And she finished the 5 minute appointment by telling me that I’m a perfect pregnant woman.

I wanted to makeout with her but thought it might make things a little weird when she’s all up in my bid-nas in a few months.

Cravings this week: green apples – I can’t get enough of them. I have at least 2 a day and I’m starting to wonder if it’s my body’s way of getting enough fiber to counteract the, um, clogging qualities of the Tums I’ve been eating like candy lately.

And back to the Old Navy maternity clothes (and your 32 week belly shot)…this is the first top I’ve bought that doesn’t hug the bottom of my belly and I need your opinion. Is it cute or does it look like I’m wearing a tent? :

And hugging the bottom to show you the voluptuousness (wow that passed spell check) of the bump… 

It’s definitely the most comfy top I have and I kinda like the under-carriage breeze 🙂

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15 responses to “32 weeks

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  2. You look great! I love reading about your pregnancy journey 🙂 I hope I’m as cute as you when I’m prego.

  3. you look fab! seriously. makes me jealous. I want a bump all over again 😉

  4. Carol

    So cute…are you kidding?

  5. I’m at 24 weeks and right with you on the body image junk. And I had the same experience at Target. Blah.

    I think the shirt looks fine, actually, although I tend to not like the way “hanging” shirts look on me. Funny how your perspective is different on another person, huh?

    My point of discomfort isn’t my ass but my boobs, which are freaking enormous and make me feel all kinds of yucky about myself. Dudes stare (ugg) and it makes my immediate mirror reaction “gotta eat less” until my brain reminds me it’s not JUST weight gain causing the bigness.

    No great solutions, just commiseration. You do look great!

  6. Creen

    Well you way less pregnant than I do on a normal day basis so don’t feel so bad 😛
    That dog pic is the cutest.
    PS: I’m really upset that Paul is gone from AI 😦

  7. Creen

    ^^^^ Ooops I meant weigh. Friday morning brain fart.

  8. brin

    you are def. one of those “super adorable pregnant women!” 🙂 the shirt is very cute btw! p.s. your poor pooch! haha jk – great idea!

  9. Seriously, you are so adorable!! And I agree- Targets mirrors and lightening are the WORST. Don’t ever try on one of their bathing suits!!

  10. I honestly think you’re one of the cutest pregnant women I’ve ever seen. Seriously…I can only hope I look as good as you when I get pregnant someday!

  11. Jane

    Is that picture from A Christmas Story? Man, I need to watch that movie again. Did Hazel get in the crib on her own, or did you put her in there? (Yes, I know that’s a dumb question, but I had to ask anyway.)

  12. I can’t imagine the emotional havoc it would wreak on your body to gain so much weight so suddenly–but I have to say, you look AMAZING. I hope I look half that good pregnant! (Heck, who am I kidding, I don’t even look half that good now.)

    Also the thought of a teacup-yorkie-sized infant is just too cute to bear.

  13. I love that your dog was in the bjorn. SO cute!! And, I can tell she loves it. 🙂

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