33 weeks

K, so we have 7 weeks till my due date, also known as 49 days, or 1 week more than a month and a half! But I have to admit, I definitely like the way “just over a month” sounds the best so we’ll stick with that one. 🙂

This past Saturday Scott and I toured the maternity ward of the hospital with about 15 other pregnant women and their significant others, and I can honestly say that I’ve never in my life seen so many big round bellies in one place before. My hospital is of the kind where everything happens in one place…labor, delivery, recovery, and a 2 day stay all take place in the same room, and they encourage rooming in with the baby, though you do have the option to send your precious little one off to the nursery for some sleep if desired. Er, for you, not the baby. Not a bad setup. Oh, and when we were in the room, I asked if the huge-ass window next to the bed was a 2 way window, meaning can the old man driving through the parking lot see into my room while the huge ceiling spotlights are pointed on my who-ha? The answer was yes. I’m glad I asked. I’m also glad they have blinds.

I think my favorite part of the tour was the end though when on our way out, I, along with all 15 other pregnant women hit the bathroom. When I stepped out of the stall, it looked like a police line-up of pregnant criminals lining the cold porcelain walls. And funny, but I’ll bet money on the fact that every single one of us peed before leaving the house 1 hour before.

A week or 2 ago, my new, completely rational fear was that I would end up in early labor and deliver my baby on the floor of Home Depot. Well, I’m proud to say that this crazy mind of mine has developed more fears as we get closer and closer. My newest fear is baby girl coming out and there’s something really strange that they weren’t able to see on the sonograms. Like what if she’s born with a full set of teeth? It happens, you know. Ok, maybe not a full set, but seriously, Google it, they’re called natal teeth and they happen more often than you might think. Oh man, think of the breastfeeding….

Another thing that’s been on my mind this week is the complete awe and wonderment about how we made a person. Scott and I MADE a person! It completely blows my mind because really, how does that happen? Seriously? And my body, a female, life creating body, continues to amaze me. Go ahead and make a fist. My uterus, an organ that just kinda sat there for 33 years, was that size…and all of a sudden, after being the same size for more than 3 decades, it suddenly knows to expand and expand and expand and it’s now the size of a watermelon. And there’s a person in it. And in a few weeks, it’ll shrink back down to the size of a fist, only to be able to do it all over again. How fucked up is that? It just completely 100% blows my mind the more I think about it.

Here she was last night rolling her entire body up and to my right. It’s a feeling I can’t explain, but the best is when she does a full body stretch and manages to push on my bladder and my diaphragm at the same time, completely taking my breath away and making me question whether or not I’ll make it to the bathroom in time. And 10 seconds later I can breathe again and can stop squeezing my knees together like it never happened in the first place.

Not really craving anything specific this week (sorry Jane!), but I did pick up some peanuts at the store yesterday at the recommendation of my pregnant buddy over at Little Seed of Hope. Apparently they’re working wonders for her heartburn but stupid me left them at home this morning so I’ll have to test out the theory tomorrow. And p.s if you haven’t read her story yet, it’s pretty freaking amazing what odds she and this little baby of hers have made it through to get to the point they’re at today.

It’s funny how many little things I’m finding out are affected by pregnancy. There are the obvious things like sleep and hunger, but then there are the not so obvious things like when you put your seatbelt on but it sits funny on your big belly and threatens to cut your neck in half. I ended up buying a fuzzy seat belt cover and it’s quite sexay. Or the inability to stand for more than 5 minutes without the heels of your feet threatening to be crushed under your own weight. Kinda makes it hard to cook dinner without sitting on a stool. Oh ya, I totally cook dinner while sitting on a stool. Or the fact that you can feel victorious making it to the bathroom without peeing on yourself only to do your business, stand up, and then realize that you have to pee. Again.

Anywho, I’m done rambling for the day, here’s your 33 week belly shot:


My engagement ring won’t fit on my pudgy finger anymore so it’s now a necklace.

For past weeks, visit My Pregnancy Calendar

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6 responses to “33 weeks

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  2. Jane

    All your little discoveries have just made my day. Especially the one with the stretching and wondering if you’ll be quick enough to make a head call. I love how every week, there’s a new comparison of the baby to an animal.

  3. I can’t believe that you’re already 33 weeks!! I always love hearing your stories and look forward to next week!

  4. that’s a great shot of her rolling to the side of your belly. trying now to picture a newborn with teeth…

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  6. Kendra

    I love looking at this blog, it makes me feel more relaxed about my pregnancy! I don’t know what has been going on in your life but im sure your daughter will be just fine! She sure is beautiful! Keep your chin up, everything in life happens for a reason!

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