34 weeks

World’s Largest Hershey Bar

This past weekend, we celebrated our 1 year anniversary, Scott’s birthday, and Easter, and on top of all that we had a sump pump disaster, I somehow managed to fit a color, highlight and cut on my mom’s hair, I made cupcakes for the first time, and Scott had his first ever Easter egg hunt. Let’s just say it was a busy busy weekend!

year-old wedding cake in the back, funfetti cupcakes in the front…can I get an AMEN?!

I think all the action over the weekend was a bit too much for my body though, I was once again knocked out of commission for the last 2 days with my herniated disc and a nasty pinched sciatic nerve. But for some reason while I was pretty much bed ridden, baby girl decided to have a 2 day long party in mah belly. I swear she didn’t stop moving and I actually managed to catch a swoop of a foot rolling by while I was lying on my side:

I pretty much feel that all day everyday now and it still blows my mind!

I had a doc appointment on Monday, everything is good as usual, I’ve officially hit the 150 lb mark, and I asked my doc about my recent swelling. You see, I now have sausage fingers. And yes, I believe that’s the actual medical term. My knuckles actually ache all day long because of it, and I can feel my cheeks getting puffier by the day…luckily it hasn’t spread to my ankles. Yet. And he said it’s perfectly normal which I figured. At my next appointment I’ll be having my Group B strep test – a fun swab to the nether regions which will determine if I will need to be given an antibiotic during labor so it doesn’t get passed to baby girl. I was told once when I went in for a bladder infection that I do carry it, though I’m not quite sure why they tested for it then or if they had me mixed up with someone else. Hey, you never know, stranger things have happened.

After my doc appointment, I stopped at the Target right by the hospital to see if they had a decent maternity section because sadly, all but one of my maternity shirts are too short, even after my Old Navy shopping trip not so long ago. I swear, this belly just keeps growing outward. You may remember my strictly hate relationship with Target that started when I left empty-handed and feeling awful about my new shape, so needless to say I was a bit apprehensive about facing their 360 degree mirrors again. Let me just tell you, this Target totally redeemed its name for me… it just kills me that one store can have me leaving in tears and another can have me swinging $150 worth of maternity loot over my shoulder while dancing through the parking lot to the car. I wasn’t planning on spending so much on clothes that I won’t be wearing for much longer, but I figured I’ll have them all for the next time if there is one, and my younger sis can wear them all when it’s her turn to do some baby-baking.

Cravings this week: fish. For the last few days it’s been nothing but tuna, salmon, tilapia, and fish filets. If it spent its life swimming, I ate it.

This week, I officially decided that pregnancy is 2 months too long. Seriously, I would have been happy if baby girl was fully cooked a month ago, but noooooooooooo, I still have another month and a half to go. Do you realize I’ve been pregnant since LABOR DAY?? Though I figure 10 pregnant months (don’t let anyone lie to you, 40 weeks does not equal 9 months) is nature’s way of keeping the population count in check…if it was any shorter, women would be popping babies out way too often. I’m looking at you, Duggars. Plus I’ve realized it’s just long enough where you forget what skinny feels like, what drunk feels like, and what tan looks like. You forget your old self and you don’t know your new self yet. It’s definitely an interesting long-ass in-limbo journey to motherhood my friends.

Here’s your 34 week belly shot:

Hoorah for stretchy Target tops!

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11 responses to “34 weeks

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  2. you look great (i don’t see the swelling or 50 lbs)! and amen for the cakes, cupcake and easter egg hunt! not so much amen for the pain and discomfort.

    • Ahhhh, 50 lbs, bite your tongue Puggles! I think you misread…I’ve gained 34 lbs (29 according to the doctor) but I officially tip the scales at 150. 🙂 Since I like you, I’ll let it slide.

  3. I’ve been following your blog for a while now (and read your posts on Weddingbee) and have been a silent friend the whole time! Your posts always make me crack up and I had to tell you how much I enjoy them! Your thoughts at the end about forgetting what it feels like to be drunk, etc – hysterical! Thanks for the consistently entertaining read 🙂

    Also, you look SO cute in your new shirt!

  4. You look fabulous, as usual! And that video is so awesome-but-creepy. Happy anniversary, too! So many good things 🙂

  5. you look ADORABLE, Jamie! Really. I’m so glad this trip to Target was better. Honestly, when I look at your pictures, all I can think is DAMN her legs and butt are so SKINNY. You are seriously just smuggling a little basketball 🙂 Can’t wait to “meet” baby girl!!

  6. Wow, you continue to look AMAZING.

    Also, I totally read this earlier today, watched the video, and bookmarked it to show my husband. Which I just did, and the foot really freaked him out!! Haha. I thought it was cool.

  7. Cari

    girl you look great! dont worry im tipping the scale @ 154 so im with ya!

    I cant believe how close we are on everything…I just had my appt on Tuesday haha, do you start your weeklys in 2 weeks, I have my first on the 10th…and can you believe we’re 6 weeks (hopefully no longer) out from our little girls joining us! yay…I am with you on the whole pregnant thing…I would be so happy if she was here already…Im over it…dont get me wrong I love the belly and all the movements however, I dont like the sleepless nights, the heartburn, the soreness, the peeing every 20 min….

    Glad you had a successful Target trip I need to get myself some new things…Im thinking maxi dresses are going to be my BFF lol

  8. I think your basketball belly is cute… also, I’ve been trying to explain the rolling across the belly feeling, and it looks exactly how it feels! Except don’t have it on camera like you do! Is it weird that I love that feeling?! I think it tickles!

    Also, I’m with you on hitting the 150lbs. I started heavier than you though, so it is pretty inevitable. I’m sure it’s going to happen this week, but I don’t want to see it!

  9. Ummmmmm, I WISH I was only tipping the scales at 150. You are all baby, lady… you have that basketball tummy, and then the rest of you looks totally normal. I am quite jealous. I feel HUGE. No joke, I got asked 3 times this past week if I am having twins. wth.

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