Miracle Ball giveaway!!

Do you all remember when I mentioned that I found an awesome fix for my sciatic pain that has reared its ugly head during this pregnancy a few times now? Hope so, that was just over a week ago. 😉 And I think I may have also mentioned something about a giveaway, too, no? Ah, hold that thought…

Let me start off by saying that sciatica is not just a pregnancy-related thing for me, it’s something that I’ve been dealing with off and on since college and I always had a feeling that it would make an appearance at some point during pregnancy.

But first, a funny sciatica story (if there can be such a thing), also known as one of my most embarrassing moments that still makes me blush to this day…

1995/1996-ish, Freshmen or Sophomore year at John Carroll University

ah, 18-year-old Jaime was a fun gal

I’ll never forget the first time I woke up with an excruciating throbbing pain radiating through my hip and lower back – I was in so much pain that I couldn’t walk, and my leg just kinda dangled off my body when I tried to put any pressure on it. I was in college, 18-years-old and, being young, stubborn and invincible, I gave it a good week of being practically bed ridden thinking it would just go away before I went to actually see someone and admit that something was wrong. Not sure what my last straw was… maybe I got tired of the rug burn I was getting on my cheek from crawling across the floor to get to the bathroom. Who knows. Either way, I managed to whine loud enough and long enough in a friend’s ear until she threw me in the back of her car and pretty much tossed me out the side door without stopping or looking back as I rolled to the doors of the cheapy clinic right around the corner from school.

I hobbled in, checked in at the front desk, was taken to an exam room by a staff member, and told to take off my clothing from the waist down and wait for the doctor. So when she left the room, I did as I was told and took everything off from the waist down. I covered myself up with the thin paper sheet they provided me on the exam table and waited the obligatory 20 minutes for the doctor to make his/her way to the room. I laid in pain, half-naked, awkward and bored and I counted the holes in the ceiling as I waited. And waited. Until finally, a knock on the door!

And as the door opened in slow motion, a glow of light beamed from the hallway, outlining the silhouette of the most attractive, young, drool-worthy doctor I had ever seen. Patrick Dempsey had nothin’ on this guy. He couldn’t have been more than 25, had piercing blue eyes and perfectly messy brown hair in a James Dean bad-but-oh-so-yes-please-good-boy sort of way, and looked pretty damn amazing in that white lab coat. He came over to me (so attentive), stood next to the bed (his cologne was what heaven smells like), asked what brought me to the clinic that day (so thorough) and I told him it was my hip. Er, my leg. Or s-s-something maybe with my back. I wasn’t completely sure but I managed to stutter that something in that general area was k-k-killing me. And as the doctor moved the paper sheet to take a look at my hip, he…

froze like a statue. 

I swear I saw a little flicker of, I don’t know, panic? confusion? flash across the back of his eyes. Um, was it that bad??? Did I sprout a tail? No and no. A tail would have been 100 times better. No, the first words out of his mouth still echo in my ear to this day and make me blush like a freaking 12-year-old giving my crush a paper heart valentine. With a boob hanging out.

“Oh…huh…..ermmmm……why did you take your underwear off?!@??”

“Ummm, (crawling into a little ball of lint and stuffing myself out of sight into one of the tiny holes in the ceiling tile) ’cause…the…lady…told…me…to….question mark??!!?”

Apparently, just jeans would have been sufficient, though if I remember correctly, I think I even took my socks off. MORTIFIED. I was seriously, mortified.

From there, I swear (at least this is how I remember it) he barely picked up my leg by my pinky toe, moved it around for a quick second, pretty sure he was looking over his shoulder the whole time kinda like a “do do do, I don’t see you, if I don’t look, there’s nothing vagina uncomfortable about this”. He mumbled something about “blah blah, probably a pulled muscle, blah”, wrote me prescription for vicodin, and fumbled for the doorknob as he backed out of the room with his eyes focused hard on his shoes. To this day, I don’t know who was more uncomfortable…him or me.

Needless to say, I didn’t actually get a proper diagnosis until years later when I had my dad take me to the ER during another sciatic episode.

Oh, and I kept my undies on for that visit. 🙂

Anywho, I’ve been to my current doctor more times than I choose to remember now for the same issue…I have a herniated disc in my back that gets irritated once in a while. When it’s irritated, in not so medical of terms, the inside of the disc bulges which then pinches the sciatic nerve that runs all the way down the back of my leg to my foot. It can happen when I get out of the car, or if I sit cross-legged for too long, or if you just look at me funny…basically without warning it can come on pretty quickly and hurt for a lot longer than I’d prefer if ever given a choice. Although hurt would be  the understatement of the year. If it’s bad enough to go to him for it, my doc gives me a cortisone shot in me bum and loads me up with prescriptions for pain killers and sleeping pills, but says that surgery is not a route he’d want to take with me since at this point it happens so infrequently, usually once a year or so, sometimes more, sometimes less.

But imagine my fear knowing that if I can aggravate my back by doing nothing more than staring into my coffee mug, I could certainly someday be in a world of hurt carrying around a 30-pound baby bump. It wasn’t really something I could avoid if I ever wanted to have children of my own. And here I am, going on 37 weeks pregnant and 35 pounds heavier, and it’s already happened. Twice.

Since being pregnant, I thought about going to a chiropractor, even went as far as emailing a few for prices, but by the time I heard back, I was feeling better, back at work and off the crutches.

I looked on You Tube for videos on pregnant sciatic nerve stretches, but my big belly gets in the way.

I’ve tried the heating pad until I burned myself red.

I’ve tried ice until my skin was numb.

I’ve tried laying as still as possible for days.

I’ve tried getting on all fours and doing the cat stretch.

I’ve cried.

Then I tried the Miracle Ball Method for Pregnancy…and I swear my biggest fear right now is that I’m going to sound like a cheesy infomercial – but I promise, I’m not being compensated in any way, shape or form for this.

What it is: 2 squishy balls (almost like softball-sized exercise bouncy balls) that come with a book…the book explains how to breathe while you pretty much let your body melt into the balls after placing them in specific spots under your body to stretch out different body parts. And it sounds so so simple but holy crap, nothing I have ever tried has been able to stretch out my back the way this does.

2 squishy balls. Who knew? 

The book that I have is for pregnancy (there is also the original for non-pregnant people) that has pictures for each position and also shows alternative positions if you’re really really pregnant and can’t get comfy in the original pose or don’t want to lay flat on your back. There are positions and placements for upper back, lower back, pelvis, hips, shoulders, neck, knees, feet, ribs…you name it, you can stretch it. It gives positions that are supposed to help make delivery easier, and others that are supposed to help you tone your tummy back up after the baby comes.

And just so I’m explaining it correctly, it’s not just for pregnancy or sciatic nerve pain, it’s for any kind of stretch you want, whether you’re in pain or not.

Right now, my favorite positions are the ones geared toward stretching the lower back, relaxing the hips, and easing sciatic pain. One of my regular go-to positions talks about how when you first put the ball under your spine, you should pay attention to whether the curve of your back feels more like a violin bow curving upward or a hammock curving downward. Though I usually initially find myself more like a violin, the goal is relax your arch like a hammock, so when I’m focusing on relaxing and stopping my muscles from tensing, instead of the “haaaaa” or “sssssss” breathing sounds the book recommends, I actually whisper “haaaaaaaammock” over and over and it completely helps me melt into the balls. 🙂

And while I haven’t yet read the original book (not specifically for pregnancy), I can only imagine the benefits of this anytime. Oh, and you better believe I’ll be bringing this to the hospital with me when baby comes.

Ok, I’m finished gushing and raving about my new balls.

After contacting the company at http://www.elainepetrone.com/ to tell them how much I absolutely love love love the Miracle Balls, they have very graciously donated 2 kits for my awesome readers…one original Miracle Ball Method kit for my non-pregnant friends, and one Miracle Ball Method for Pregnancy kit for my fellow preggos.

To enter the giveaway, just comment below…tell me something embarrassing, tell me what you had for dinner last night, or tell me something you wore in the 90’s that looked better than my huge black belt in the college picture above. Whatever you’d like to say, even if it’s just a quick hello!, comment below by 3pm (CST) on Friday, May 20th. ***Please specify if you’d like the original kit or the kit for pregnant mammas (I’m giving one each) and please include your email address so I can get in touch with you after the drawing!***



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35 responses to “Miracle Ball giveaway!!

  1. Lea

    I’m glad you found some relief! Last summer, my husband discovered the joy of a pinched sciatic nerve. Since the time of his initial injury (we’re still not entirely clear how it happened) he has been in various states of pain and disability– hunched over, hobbling like an old man, shooting pain and numbness from butt to toe, inability to tie his own shoes– really miserable stuff. After almost a year of non-surgical intervention (PT, chiro, cortisone shots) he’s scheduled for surgery (to lop off the bulge and relieve pressue on the nerve) at the end of next month at Northwestern. We’d hoped to avoid this, but he’s really hoping to take back the very active life we had before all this started. I’ve never had back trouble and tend to scoff at pain, but, seeing sciatica in action, it’s not something I’d wish on my worst enemy!

  2. Lisa

    I would so love to try the pregnancy balls! I have been having this shooting pain in my back and butt off and on…I’ve thought maybe sciatica?? Or possibly the reality that me and my every growing preggo bottom should not be doing spin class 3 times a week. It should be a sign when I can barely sit in the car afterwards even though I bought the fattest padded bike seat cover I could find 😦

  3. I’ve wanted one of these for awhile–great giveaway! I’m entering for the non-pregnant version 🙂

    Something embarrassing? Well, I tripped at my HS graduation. I think that’s everybody’s worst nightmare and it actually happened to me. I’m short and my robe was too long. I thought it was a brilliant idea to wear platform flip flops (who does that?) and my shoe got caught on my gown. Embarrassing.

  4. Funniest. Story. Ever. (Well, about sciatica, at least).

    I’d love the one for pregnant women. My posture is terrible so my back is usually in knots, and sure enough, while pregnant = knots!

  5. I absolutely love your blog and you never fail to crack me up! I’m entering the giveaway more for my hubby than myself as he seems to have a lot of back problems. Hope this is a solution for him! Thanks!


  6. Hannah

    My legs are different lengths (don’t worry, most people can’t tell at all) so my hips are on a slant and I suffer from horrible back pain. The regular (no kiddos for me, yet!) balls would be AMAZING to try out! And if I don’t win, you’ve pretty much sold me on these suckers!

    And random fun fact, just for fun? And I’m a bit younger than you, so my 90s were filled with tweety bird sweaters and Lee “Pipe” jeans. Horrendous.

  7. Hahah omg, I would have dieeed if that had been me too! What a nightmare. I’m so glad that you found something that works for you though–I’m so curious about how it works! I’d definitely want the original non-preggers one if I won.

  8. Sooo, is it weird that I probably would have done the same thing? Undressed = nakey, to me at least. 🙂 Anyway, I’d love to try the non-preggers version. I’ve been having low back pain/weirdness/numbness, but like you I’ve been to lazy/stubborn to go to the doctor for it – this might really help!

  9. Joy

    Hi Jamie! I love your blog and have been following you since wedding bee. I am a few weeks behind your pregnancy (28 weeks with twins) and look forward to all of the fun things you write about. I would love the pregnancy version to stretch out my was to stressed back.
    Cant wait to see pics of your baby gorl online. GL with the next few weeks.

  10. Sarah

    What a great story!! For dinner last night I made a broccoli & spinach quiche, which if I do say so myself was pretty good for a first-timer.
    I’d love to be entered for the original kit.

  11. Would love the pregnancy kit (as I hope to be pregnant at some point in the near future…gah!).

    Something to share… I totally stalk your blog and cannot wait for Baby Nachos to arrive! (does that make me creepy?) 🙂 Oh and in the 90s I had green colored jeans from JC Penny that were about 2 inches too short – I was totally cool, be jealous. That sort of explains why middle school was so rough.

  12. almostif

    I just wanted to say that I loved that story, it really made me laugh – and boy have I been there a few times myself! 😉 I don’t want to be entered into the competition as I live too far away! xxx

  13. Jacqueline

    My lower back gives me trouble all the time. I think it is because I have bad posture and must just sleep really funny. Since being pregnant my back is so stiff in the morning and it takes forever for it to loosen up. I would go for the preggo version please! And if I was told to complete get undressed I probably would have done the same thing.

  14. Colleen - Creen

    My mom has been having problems with her sciatic nerve for a couple years now. Nothing has been helping. She doesn’t want to go for surgery and they don’t really even recommend the surgery. Would love for her to try these. Not sure if you would want to ship to Canada though 😦

    Here is my embarrassing story: We were at a water park where you could try body boarding in a big wave pool. Well out I go, and down go my bathing suit bottoms :S I mooned everyone who was watching.

  15. The story about the gorgeous doctor was hilarious. I would have done the same thing!

    I would like the miracle ball for NON-pregnant peeps 🙂
    latteloveblog (at) gmail.com

  16. Haha – love that story! The ‘undress’ thing is something I am so terrified of that I constantly clarify “what exactly should I take off?”. 🙂 I’ve thrown my back out several times, but no sciatica pinching yet luckily — I’d LOVE to try out the Miracle Ball (for non-preggos)!!

  17. I would love the original! I’ll share an embarrassing story since you did so bravely. Since it is graduation season, I tend to tell all of my really nervous students about when I had to give a speech at my high school graduation. I was so nervous that when I got up to get my diploma, a full five minutes before I had to give my speech, I peed a little. I had a white skirt on and a white robe. Thankfully, it was just a trickle, but it was mortifying! It now makes my seniors feel a lot better about their nerves because, hey, they could only pee like Mrs. H.

  18. Lisa O.

    Such a funny story! I’ve been following you since your Wedding Bee days and you never fail to crack me up, thank you so much for entertaining me while I am bored out of my mind at work 🙂 I would like to be entered for the non-preggo miracle balls.

    PS- I cannot wait until your little one is here!

  19. That story is hilarious! Seriously, not something I can top (or if I could, I’ve since repressed the humiliating memories)! But I do have some undiagnosed back issues because I seem to sleep on it funny, so I’d love to try the non-pregnant version of these balls to see if they will work the same wonders for me as they did for you! handcraftedlife@gmail.com

  20. An embarrassing story, huh? I can do that! I’m a college professor, and this week one of my students gave me a pack of M&Ms. I ate a few then put the open pack in my purse. Well, apparently last night in the middle of the night I needed some chap stick, which is in my purse. I kind of remember tipping my purse over but I wasn’t fully awake. I guess they fell out because I woke up with melted M&Ms all over my face and body and sheets! Let’s just say, my boyfriend will never let me live it down.

    Anyway, I’d love the original ones! I have an autoimmune disease and my joints and back are ALWAYS hurting – sometimes I feel like I can’t get out of bed. I’d love to stop pill popping! Thank you!!

    lisagoneaussie (At) gmail.com

  21. Kelly

    That story was awesome. I honestly would have done the same thing! I wonder how many times that nurse did that to the poor young hottie doctor (let alone the poor patients)! I’ve got one: I was late for my trial ad final (like a mock trial) because my witnesses sauntered in about 30 seconds before opening statements were to start. So I grab all my stuff, turn to head down the stairs to the courtroom, when I drop everything. Drop everything in an echo filled entryway. Directly outside of the galley where they were toasting the Dean of the Law School at his farewell shindig. As the toast was being finished, they hear clam! Bang! And then a very loud, very echoing, “Oh F*uck Me!”. The entire party turned around and looked at me – the Dean directly three steps up from where I was. I just gathered my stuff and took off for my final – what else could I do? s*it happens… 😉 Thanks for the laugh today!

  22. This is soo intriging to me – I have a herniated disc too, and I’m kind of in the thinking about starting to try to get pregnant stage (is that non-committal enough for you?? 😉 ), and I’m terrified of irritating my disc. I’d love to try the regular one out and see if it works for me!

  23. Can I enter for both? If not, I’ll go for the non-pregnant one. I’m really intrigued by these because I also have sciatica and troubles with my SI joint. Hmm, something embarrassing…let’s see, I just ate half a bag of pretzels because I’m too freaking hungry to wait for dinner. Which is in 30 minutes.

  24. Lara

    This is awesome. I’m pregnant and my husband has bad back pain. He has had surgery – but is still dealing with it. So, I think the non-pregnant one would be best.
    As for embarassing stuff… there are so many things lately that come to mind. Me spilling food on my breasts. My tummy isn’t big enough, but these boobs are crazy – I’m not used to them! Me being hungry all the time, and oh, my, the gas. That’s embarassing for sure!

  25. Colleen

    I seriously love reading your blog. I ate a very blah salad with chicken and some questionable dried cherries last night. I have an issue with back/hip/leg pain, a lot of which is due to sitting at my dumb job all day, and probably my predilection to eat like I’m about to hibernate ALL THE TIME but never sleeping it off for 3 months…. Anywho…

    I’m going to enter for the non-pg set, and even if I don’t win, I’m probably going to get one of these! 🙂 culbert5971 @ yahoo.com

  26. Becca

    I would love the original ones!

    Embarassing story? I made a comment about getting a lower back tattoo so guys can remember your name in front of my extended family (not me getting the tattoo). Probably should’ve laid off the mimosas at Christmas brunch…

    my email is pratt.rebecca.86 at gmail.com 🙂

  27. Amanda Labello

    LMAO Thank you so much for that story today, I needed the laugh.
    I’ve followed you since reading you on weddingbee. I loved your tales while being a bride and I love them more now that you are going to be a mama.
    I would love to be entered for one of the original ones. Okay so I guess I have to tell an embarassing story. I was 14 and hanging out at the lake with the boy I was head over heals in love with. He was lounging on a raft so I swam over to him and pulled up on his raft and talked to him for a minute. Well a minute or two later he decides to tell me that my boob was hanging out. I was mortified, besides being pretty flat chested, I had just showed my boob to my crush. I could have died.
    Oh well, nobody gets out of their teen years unscathed right?

    email is pyglett13@hotmail.com

  28. Vanesa

    Hi!! Im from Uruguay, im 13 wks pregnant and I found your blog lookinf for pregnant belly photos and I read the blog 4 weeks ago. I had a surgery for a herniated disc 10 years ago at 17 years old. I have a protursion in other disc but befrore de surgery i feel very good, no pain. And now i run 5 miles races without problem.
    Im afraid now im pregnant !! I love to have the pregnant miracle ball but i dont know if that posible for the place i live, i can pay the shipping cost.
    I love your blog and your photos, sometimes i dont understand the 100% but I enjoy to read.
    Sorry for my bad english!!

    VAnesa+baby 13 wks

  29. Andrea C

    Hi! I live in Canada, am I eligible?
    If so, I’m entering for the non-preggo version.

    I too have sciatica, and I go to a chiropractor who gives me what I call “electroshock therapy”. He connects up these little pads that give small electrical jolts and it helps so much! The first time that lead me to find out I had sciatica I woke up one morning and was crooked. I was hunched over to the left, and no matter what, I couldn’t stand up straight. I stupidly went to work, and everyone laughed all day at the fact that I was visibly crooked.

    I followed you from weddingbee, I can’t wait to hear your stories once the lil’ one arrives. Wishing you all the best!

    My email is reah098 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  30. I’d love the original to help with my own sciatica issues! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  31. Jennielee

    wow! So glad you are getting some relief! I would love the pregnancy ball. I am only newly pregnant, but I have a lot of back issues and am very concerned how later pregnancy will go!

  32. Katey

    This sounds like something that could help ease the pain in my back that no 22 year old should deal with. (Don’t get me wrong, it’s not always painful, more like a constant ache that I thought was usually reserved for the 50 and older crowd.)
    Embarrassing moment? I fell down the stairs the first day of high school, and since I was wearing a long skirt my legs got all tangled up, and it took me a minute to get back up. Meanwhile the entire high school was behind me on the stairs since we were all on our way to lunch. I wanted to die.

  33. Kat

    Am only half way through my pregnancy, and man would this come in handy!!!

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  35. I know this post is hecka old, but I just wanted to say thank you. I read this ages ago and, having suffered from sciatic pain in the past, filed it away for the future. I’m now 14 weeks pregnant and the MIracle Ball Method has been a life saver. Thanks so much!

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