37 weeks

3 more weeks. Psh, that’s nothin’. I can do this. I’ve done it for this long…

…although up until now baby was NOT the size of a freaking watermelon. And I’m trying to convince myself that 3 weeks is short, though 3 weeks ago I was 34 weeks along and I honestly don’t remember anything that happened then. And if this baby is anything like her momma walking out the door for work everyday, she’s gonna be late. I’m trying, I really am, but at this point I don’t wanna be pregnant anymore. Funny though, it’s not like I have ANY say in it whatsoever, so I’m just gonna sit back, watch my belly move, and wonder when I’ll get to lay my eyes on the pretty little sweet pea that keeps trying to shove her freakishly strong foot out of my spleen.

This week, Scott and I took a trip to Babies R Us and spent a small fortune buying everything that was left on our registry. And I have to say that I finally feel so prepared for this baby that if she were to come tomorrow (or tonight…you can come tonight little girl, I won’t mind), we’d be perfectly fine. The only thing I’m holding off on is buying a breast pump. While I plan on pumping for a few reasons (stock some food so Scott can bottle feed her, the whoosh whoosh sound it makes while milking you like a cow, etc.), I don’t want to spend the $250 just yet on a non-returnable item that I’m not 100% sure I’ll be able to use. I figure we’ll give breastfeeding the good ol college try first, and just in case it’s a no go, we have a canister or 2 of formula on hand. See, prepared. 🙂

One of my new favorite items we bought was the Jump & Go

That Hazy, she loves it. LOVES it. You should have seen her bouncing and giggling and swinging those little stick legs, bopping her head and singing along to the little music box. That little front paw kicked over the side kills me.

Everyone has been asking me when I plan to start my maternity leave, and my response is always the same: when you find yourself sliding past my desk through a puddle of my waters, I’m outta here. I briefly threw around the idea of just starting it June 1st so I could relax a little before baby arrives, but then I realized that if she comes let’s say 2 weeks late (yep, I just bit my tongue. Off.), that’s 3 out of my 12 weeks of leave that I’ve already burned up and the baby isn’t even here yet. So I’m sticking with my original plan of sucking it up till the very end so I’ll have as much time as possible with her this summer. Though my boss (who has 2 kids of his own and should know better) is piling it on me here. I think he’s trying to get as much out of me as possible before I go on leave. Case-in-point, I have to train my entire office on 2 programs. On my due date. And I have to come in early for it. He clearly does not understand “pregnancy mush brain”…I swear, it’s like scrambled eggs up in my noggin.

Great, now I want scrambled eggs.

You know what’s fun when you’re pregnant? Pregnant friends.


While Scott has been nothing but the bestest husband making this pregnancy as easy as it possibly could be on me – foot rubs, taking over doggie duty, hauling in groceries from my car, giggling while I roll around like a weeble trying to sit up in bed – it’s fun chatting about swollen sausage fingers and daily baby hiccups in your hip that drive you nuts like an uncontrollable twitch in your eyelid with someone that’s going through it, too.

Cravings this week: fruit. Two days ago I ate an entire jar of pre-cut grapefruit in one sitting. Yesterday it was a container of blueberries. And for lunch today, I have a jar of tropical fruit and a bag of grapes waiting to be devoured. There may also be a cantaloupe and half of a watermelon in the fridge at home waiting their turn to meet their maker in mah belly. Needless to say, I’ve gotten my fiber intake for the summer…do with that what you will.

My doctor appointment was uneventful, though I tested positive for Group B Strep last week, which just means I’ll be given an antibiotic in my IV during labor so I don’t pass it on to the baby. Next week, they’ll start internal checks to see if I’m dilated at all. I may be in the minority, but I’m actually looking forward to that just to see if the cramps I’ve been having lately are having any effect.

Random things from the week:

I realized I haven’t worn a pair of pants with a zipper and button since November and I honestly don’t remember what it’s like to have a muffin top or to worry about my fly being open.

At Joann Fabrics the other day, the cashier told me to ignore all the advice I get from strangers. Then she told me to take a walk everyday. I wasn’t sure if I should believe her.

It makes me laugh when I eat something and my insides gurgle by my spine or behind my lung. I swear, my intestines were not there a month ago.

The other morning when I was still in bed, I tooted and the baby actually jumped. To her credit, it has to be really loud considering her close proximity, but how funny that I scared her with a fart. She obviously hasn’t yet met her daddy face-to-face…I’m scared for her.

And your 37 week belly shot:

Forever pushing Newton’s laws.

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20 responses to “37 weeks

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  2. FULL TERM!!! Isn’t it crazy how time flies?! Any day now… any day now! =)

  3. I cannot believe that you are already 37 weeks!! It’s flown by! To me anyway. And, as always you still look so great! But, as you said, I have no idea how you’re staying upright considering how teeny you are everywhere but your belly. 🙂

  4. Eeee, you’re getting so close! And that might just be the best picture yet of Hazel trying out your baby gear!

  5. Hazel is such a trooper hahahaha
    I’m so excited to see pictures of Baby Girl 🙂

  6. Ah, so soon! How exciting!!

  7. I love your dog! Can’t wait to see how beautiful she is.

  8. i think that’s so funny your toot got her moving.

  9. Creen - Colleen

    That pic of the dog in the jumper is one of the cutest things i’ve ever seen!!
    Really? Only 12 weeks mat leave? That sucks. We get one year here!

  10. Have to agree with others that on this end of the blog, it’s gone by so fast! I laughed out loud at the farting. Ha!

  11. You crack me up. I hope that I am half as cute as you preggo, and that my dog is half as cute in baby gear as Hazy.

  12. Jane

    You look like you’re about to tip over! I wonder if someone poked you with a pin, if you would fly around the room. But we shouldn’t try that for baby’s sake.

    My cousin’s son is now two weeks old. He was a week and a half late.

    Just out of curiosity, but are you having trouble getting your shoes to fit?

    And I enjoyed your back pain story yesterday. It made me giggle.

  13. Simona

    I made your blog! I’m honored!
    Your dog is such a good sport. That pic is too cute! Hang in there…she’ll be here soon!

  14. cari

    ok so I hve to first say this post made me laugh so hard ppl @ work are like WTH are you laughing at

    can you believe we’re FULL term!!! eeek that means those little princesses can come ANY day now!!!

    I love that you tested your swing out on your dog…that is great! I wish I actually had a little pup to do that with but I think my 50# dogs would break everything!

    Fruit has been my BFF thru this entire pregnancy it’s all I want anymore…I commend you for working up til she comes, I was supposed to go thru next week however, I am making today my last day I just cant do it anymore.

    I had 2 weeks of internal exams…the pressure SUCKS but its quick…and it does make it better if you’re actually dilated Ive been 1cm for 2 weeks now but its better than nothing 🙂

  15. Super exciting!! Just to let you know, you can get a free breast pump from the WIC in your area, and it’s the good one, so you don’t have to spend all that money. 🙂

  16. Okay, Hazel is KILLING me! And, OMG how are you even standing up?! Your tiny little body looks like it would topple over thanks to the preggo belly! Can’t wait to see tiny miss nachos!

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  18. md

    Jaime, i have group b strep too. What kind of information did your doctor give you? I made the mistake of researching online…

    • Since I’m a carrier, they’ll give me an antibiotic through my IV when I’m in labor to prevent passing it on to the baby in the birth canal… something like 20% of women carry the bacteria in their intestines and/or girly parts and though it’s harmless to the carrier, it can be passed to the baby during delivery and cause pneumonia, meningitis, and other awful things. If you don’t get the antibiotic, you have a 1 in 200 chance of passing it to your baby, but if you are given the antibiotic, the odds jump to 1 in 4,000. Also, taking an antibiotic before labor won’t get rid of it which is why they wait until baby’s on his/her way. Really nothing to worry about if you tested positive as long as you get that antibiotic!

      • md

        You’re awesome, thank you for all that info. I did read some of the horrible things but I was hoping for some real-life sense 🙂 (not comments from wacko’s on random message boards – LOL)

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