38 weeks

My weekly doc appointments became a whole lot more exciting this week…I had my first check to see what’s been going on and according to the doc, my stats are as follows:

  • 2cm dilated (I’ve been told they measure cm by fingertip width so put 2 tips together…only 8 more to go!)
  • 100% effaced (how much my cervix has thinned out…apparently a lot of women don’t get to 100% until well into labor, yippee!)
  • 0 station (baby is all the way down as far as she can get, just shy of being able to smile up and wave to me)

And since my body seems to be doing all the work with little effort on my part, doc says I’ll have a very easy delivery. Wait, wait, wait, I think that one deserves repeating…sing it with me now…very easy delivery…like music to my ears. 🙂 And while I can’t expect to have this baby out in 2 hours like my mom’s delivery with me, my doc does believe that there is a genetic correlation…. ah, a girl can dream, right?

I’ve never been bothered by girly doc appointments and this was no exception, especially considering it was more than just a pap smear and there was happy news, though the aftermath wasn’t exactly a blast. The doc warned me that I’d have some bleeding and cramping like with a light period, and I am so happy that she warned me because I probably would have freaked out if she hadn’t. Though I have to say the cramping was worse than I expected, like to the point where I was timing the cramps all night because I actually thought I might be in labor (hehe, and in case you were curious, they were about 13 minutes apart for about 6 hours). Though to my credit, I have no idea what a real contraction feels like so every little ache or pain these days has me wondering if I should start clocking. Like the other day I starting timing pains. Then I farted. I put the timer away.

While I seem to be hypersensitive over every new twitch, I haven’t called the nurse or rushed to labor and delivery because I have yet to truly believe that I’m in labor (rightfully so considering I’m still here with no baby in my arms). But I fear now that I’ll be one of those women you hear about that has no idea that they’ve been in labor for hours or even days. Yes, everyone says, “oh, you’ll know!” but there are women out there that just. did. not. know. What if my superhero tolerance for pain (ha!) is so high that I completely brush off the real deal as Braxton Hicks? What if my contractions feel nothing like how everyone else describes them and I try to stretch out a kink in my back but end up with a baby sitting on my shoes? I bet the people that you hear about didn’t ever think they’d become known as the women who didn’t know. I guess I can say I’m one step ahead of them if it actually happens. 🙂

Another new thing that started a few days ago is the feeling like I’ve been doing the splits which I’m guessing is just my goodies getting sore from having a head sitting on top of them. But seriously, I don’t remember lifting weights with my vag, though it sure feels like it. I now understand how the pregnant waddle happens.

While I believe that no picture of Hazy will ever top the last, she insisted on jumping in the spare bassinette for this week’s post. The dog thinks she’s some sort of blog celebrity now after all the comments last week.

I forgot to mention that we packed our hospital bag a few weeks back and aside from the obvious things (toothbrushes, clothes, snacks, phone/camera chargers, etc.), we packed up a few not-so-obvious things that people suggested that we probably otherwise wouldn’t have thought of:

  • large manilla envelope for all of the documents they’ll give us
  • boppy pillow
  • though we won’t have this until we’re on our way to the hospital, a fruit or cookie tray for the nurses’ station (someone told us they did this and were WELL taken care of by all of the nurses the whole time they were there). Nurse bribes. Genius.
  • multiple sizes of going home outfits cause you never know, this baby could be 6 pounds or she could be 10 (yep, I just slapped myself)…so we packed both a newborn and a 0-3 outfit
  • an extra set of house keys in case you need to give a spare to a family member to bring you something from home, check in on pets or cover your house in pink balloons, banners, stork lawn ornaments and lavish gifts. Hint. Hint.

My nesting instinct is still going strong…I actually cleaned my kitchen yesterday morning while making a pot of coffee. I don’t know if I’ve ever even uttered the word ‘clean’ before noon before, let alone before going to work. I had also started making a quilt months ago with the left over fabric I had from the crib sheets I made, and this weekend, I finally finished it knowing that if I didn’t do it now, I never would.

I’m a proud mama…it ended up being about 5′ x 5′, lightly padded, backed with a soft fuzzy fleece, and edged with a yellow satin ribbon. I’m still not quite certain how I lived 33 years without a sewing machine.

I hit up Target the other day and bought my first nursing bra (packed in the hospital bag now). I had also tried on a few nursing tank tops which did nothing but confuse me because 1) they look like something straight out of a porno when you unhook and fold the front down to reveal your big tan pregnant boobies hanging out of 2 holes, and 2) I wasn’t sure if I’m supposed to wear a nursing bra with a nursing top or if it’s one or the other? It actually prompted me to post a question here on Baby Center where I got some great answers for me and my fellow boobie morons. And I took some of the advice and bought an undercover mama tank in black this morning which clears up the confusion of one or the other…the shirt hooks onto your nursing bra. So smart.

And now your 38 week belly shot:

Why yes, that is another new maternity top because I’m literally outgrowing shirts by the day.

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25 responses to “38 weeks

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  2. AHHHHHHHHHH so exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to hear updates! Will be thinking of you!

    P.S. I am WAY impressed with the quilt!

  3. I agree, so very very exciting!! I somehow didn’t compute that you were quite so close to actual baby time, haha. That quilt looks wonderful, you did a great job — can’t wait to see baby girl enjoying it!

  4. almostif

    Wow, so close – it’s exciting 🙂 You’re so dilated, I’d expect baby sooner rather than later – and the urge to clean the kitchen is another good sign 😉 I’ll bet you can tolerate a lot more pain than most, what with your back problems, but trust me you still won’t mistake contractions! I hope you have a swift labour that is as pain free as possible. By the way, you’ll need to wear a nursing bra (as opposed to no bra) under your clothes because your breasts will leak. A lot. And you need something to keep the breast pads firmly in place. Leaky wet patches on the front of your shirt are no fun! Loved this post – I laughed loads, as usual 🙂 xxx

    • Ah, good point on the leaky boobies…I’m anxiously awaiting my new nursing tank top that’s made to be worn with a nursing bra! Now I just have to send Scott out for some breast pads for me 🙂

  5. 1. Hazy looks like she’s ready to cuddle with her new little sister
    2. That quilt is adorable
    3. You are even more adorable! You look fantastic and are so freaking close now! So excited for ya!

  6. Oh my goodness you are well prepared! I hope your blog is still available on the web when I get pregnant in 3-4 yrs because all this stuff is great!!
    The quilt is adorable. She will love it! She is coming so soon!

  7. Creen - Colleen

    I don’t think much could top the dog in the jumper unless maybe you put her in a diaper.

  8. Wow, you are progressing right along. SO exciting!! I love seeing your doggie in all the baby gear. It’s so precious.

  9. The quilt looks amazing! Great job!!!

  10. I can’t believe you’re SO CLOSE! I’m so, so, so excited for you guys!

  11. 1. You are seriously the effing CUTEST baby momma I have ever seen! 2. “Like the other day I starting timing pains. Then I farted. I put the timer away.” HA! I’m pretty sure I just peed myself. 3. I’m going to steal Hazel from you. She is adorable!

  12. Hi Jaime, I’m an old friend of Scotts and have been following your blog for a few weeks now. I just had to pop in to say hi and to let you know that you never fail to CRACK ME UP!! I literally LOL every time I read about this wonderful adventure you’re on (I’ve been on it three times myself 🙂 and look forward to following along once your sweet daughter makes her appearance (hopefully not on your shoes 😉
    ps, my first time around, I knew that they were “real” labor pains when I couldn’t stop myself from swearing like a truck driver every time one would come on. I could have been in the presence of the Pope and still would have been dropping f-bombs like nobody’s business. Hope that helps!

  13. AHHHHH. This is so amazing. You look so good. Go have that little babe now 🙂

  14. Jane

    Cute top! And wow, out growing them by the day! That’s kind of awesome, actually. I love the quilt you made.

    When my cousin went into labor, she actually packed all of her pillows into her car the day she was induced. She was taking advantage of the time that her baby boy refused to come out. (She also packed a deck of cards, and monopoly. She played between contractions. She gets bored sooo easily.)

    Good luck! hoping all goes well, smooth and easy!

  15. Home stretch and your posts literally make my Friday mornings!!

    Love the quilt – fabulous job!

  16. Hiiiiiiiiiiiii there! 🙂 I have pulled myself out of my new baby coma for a min to finally leave a comment for you. I can’t believe you are so dialated and effaced, lucky girl!! Can’t wait to hear the news! Oh and btw, I KNOW you were weeping with me last week about our boy Scotty. WTH.
    Good luck, mama!!

  17. Hi! Found your blog thru weddingbee and have been following for a while since we are due around the same time. I love it, so funny, nice to hear from someone in the same place pregnancy-wise.

    Just wanted to let you know how jealous I am…I’m 38 weeks now, no dilation. 😦 Guess I need to stop feeding baby-to-be good food because he seems to be happy where he is.

    Can’t wait to read your updates! Wishing you a safe delivery and a happy baby!

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