my dear baby girl,

With almost 1,000 views on this little ol’ blog yesterday, it’s become quite clear that you’re doing a fantastic job of keeping everyone waiting with bated breath for your arrival. Heck, you even got a comment out of Uncle Steve yesterday! Now that’s impressive. 

I wanted to start by saying that all of those painful contractions I was having last night? Yeah, about that…we need to just agree right now to no more fake-outs, please. Your daddy and I can’t take it anymore. FYI, they call it ‘labor’ for good reason but when you stick the word ‘false’ in front of it, it just becomes a cruel cruel joke. 

Everyday you’ve been hearing your daddy say, “press the button, baby, press the button!” because we hope you’re looking for the exit button and we know it’s dark in there and hard to find. But I wanted to clarify – it’s not actually on my ribs so you can stop sticking your foot OVER them trying to find it because that just freaks me out.

I’m really hoping you’re trying to make us proud by being right on time because that would mean you’ll be here tomorrow. But just an FYI, if you’re actually planning on staying in there for as long as possible, you’ve got 1 week left until your eviction notice is served, then we’re coming in to get you.





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13 responses to “my dear baby girl,

  1. LMFAO!! Awesomeness. Praying for d-day tomorrow!

  2. Creen - Colleen

    1000 views! I remember your post from months ago saying you didn’t think many people were reading your blog. I had to reassure you that I was a devoted reader from Canada!

    Tomorrow is my Birthday. Baby can come then.

  3. Love this post. Crossing my fingers and toes for you!!

  4. Keeping my fingers crossed she makes an appearance sooner rather than later! 🙂

  5. emily

    Your blog is fantastic — followed you over from Wedding Bee. Wishing you a happy, healthy delivery! (soon!)

  6. You are so dang cute!

  7. Jane

    This made me giggle so much. There’s been a death in the family, so I read this to everyone, because you make me giggle until the point of near-pissing myself. Thanks for the giggles. Hope your baby girl doesn’t force you to come get her out! Have fun! (Er…..well…..I guess that would be alright to say. Insert comment of your choice here.)

  8. Come on baby, push the exit button!!

  9. Allie

    Yayyy! Come on baby girl!

  10. almostif

    It’s not just Mommy and Daddy that are waiting with bated breath…Baby Girl has a waiting audience already! xxx

  11. little girl, your fans anxiously await…

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  13. I couldn’t resist commenting.Well written!

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