this week I became a momma

This week…

God, how do I describe it?

It’s been life changing to say the least. Yet I do believe that is officially the understatement of the century.

This week I learned the extent of my pain tolerance and that without an epidural I may never have wanted another child in the future.

This week I learned that my heart hadn’t even begun to love to it’s greatest abilities until now.

This week I learned to trust my instincts even when making decisions that I’ve never been faced with. Like when your gut tells you your baby is starving, you tell the nurse to shove her opinions up her butt and go get some formula.

And this week I learned that you can’t teach instinct. So when the lactation consultant tries to show you how it’s done but you know you’ve already got this, feel free to tell her to leave because you and baby are rock stars.

This week I learned that just because you’re overdue doesn’t necessarily mean you’re having a 10 pound baby. I learned to trust my body completely.

This week I learned that it’s possible to have a physical connection to someone else, even when the cord is cut. And when you hear them cry because someone took them out of your arms to prick them with a needle and they are hurting, you will cry, too. And it’s ok if you do.

This week I truly understand how much my parents love me.

This week, I became a hero in my husband’s eyes.

And he became one in hers.

This week I learned that everyone who told me that sleep deprivation is awful has never woken up to this smile.

This week I learned that swaddling is good.

But skin on skin is 100 times better.

This week I became a momma.

Our Birth Story —>



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47 responses to “this week I became a momma

  1. Carol

    Beautifully said!! Amazed that you had the time but then, oh yeah, it’s you!

  2. Creen - Colleen

    Yay for updates!
    I’m so excited for what is to come on your blog.

  3. Yay! She’s absolutely beautiful and this was such a touching post!

  4. You made me cry! Damn postpartum hormones… 🙂 Beautiful, mama!

  5. I’m so teary now! What a beautiful, beautiful post. Summer is absolutely gorgeous, and mammahood looks wonderful on you!

  6. Totally tearing up! Such a beautiful post, and such a beautiful family! Congratulations on your new addition 🙂

  7. vanesa (Uruguay)

    Woww you made me cry!!! Congratss!! You will be a great mamma. Im 18 wks now and is a baby girl, im so excited!!! A big hug

  8. Catherine Brochu

    Oh my god Jaime- this one brought a tear to my eye. So sweetly said. Congratulations, she is perfect!

  9. Congrats!! She’s beautiful! This is such a sweet post 🙂

  10. Congratulations! What a sweet post in honor of your baby girl. She’s beautiful!

  11. Oh my god I almost cried. Sweetest post ever. Its making me so anxious to meet my little guy.

  12. Lovely! Welcome, Summer!

  13. Lauren (Elephant)

    She is so beautiful! I seriously started to tear up on the hero part. Congrats again!

  14. Andrea

    Absolutely beautiful! That is one lucky baby girl to have a momma who can express and document her love the way you have 🙂 I am so very happy for you, you were made to be a mommy and it looks oh so good on you! You made me tear up, my heart swell and my ovaries hurt 🙂 congratulations again she is a beauty!

  15. Jaime I’m so happy for you! You’re already making an excellent mother! Congratulations!

  16. She is gorgeous! Congratulations to all of you!

  17. Congratulations! She is a beautiful baby

  18. estelle

    OMG! She is brilliant and adorable! I am so unbelievably happy for you three! I feel like I know you since I’ve been following your blogging so closely during this time. You always remained so entertaining and crafty and I know you are going to be a great mother. You’ve actually become talk of the town in our office; my two co-workers are non-blog readers but it became a weekly thing to talk about whether the baby was the weight of a fruit, a sheet cake, or a smallest horse in the world. haha. Can’t wait to continue on the journey. SHE IS JUST SO PRECIOUS. I am screeching as my husband is reading in bed right now. haha. 🙂

  19. Linda

    LOVE this post and I can’t 1,000% relate to it all now that I’m also a new momma. 🙂

  20. Congratulations! She is beautiful and you just seem so very in love!!

  21. jen

    This is so sweet! Glad to hear you are loving motherhood. Summer is such a cutie!

    Also, your photos from the hospital are wonderful… seriously, if I look that good after having our baby, I might even reconsider my “no hospital photos on facebook” rule.

  22. Awwwwwww, your photos and words brought tears to my eyes. Being a mommy is the best!

  23. Sweetest post ever! Congrats, again!!

  24. almostif

    What a beautiful post. It made me cry, too – and I don’t have the hormones to blame for it! Congratulations 🙂 xxx

  25. Annnnnnnnnd I’m crying at my desk. 🙂 Congratulations!

  26. Jennielee

    what a beautiful post and what a gorgeous baby!!!

  27. Oh my gosh, I want to cry!! That is the sweetest post. Your baby girl is so precious. Congrats to you.

  28. Congratulations my friend! This post was beautiful: thanks for sharing updates! 🙂

  29. Brittany

    I found your blog from Weddingbee and have been following ever since! I bookmarked your blog here at work and have been checking to see updates on Summer! I love all of your pics and your insights! Congrats!

  30. Tear! Such a sweet, beautiful post!

    Congrats again, you’re already such a good momma already!

  31. Ahh Jaime, what a wonderful post. You were definitely meant to be a momma, and Summer is one beautiful, lucky girl to have such loving parents. Congrats again!

  32. Beautifully written and all the pictures just make my heart melt!!

  33. staceys

    such a lovely beautifully written post.

  34. Awwwwwwww!!!!!!!! Honestly, that’s all I can say to this.

  35. So amazingly sweet – and I realized once I had HUT how much my mom loves her kids. You never really understand until you have one. It is incredible.

  36. Sara Green

    I have been following your blog since the begining…. My husband even read some of it with me. We are currently 10 weeks with our first baby and your blog makes my day. Your baby girl is beautiful! Congrats! I am so glad I came across this! You are so easy to relate too.

    I hope all is well with your new family!!!

  37. Aw. Just, awwwwww. Congrats to the whole happy family!

  38. Congratulations!!! I seriously have never seen anyone look as beautiful as you in their post labor photos! Seriously.

  39. aawwwww crying at work…sooo beautiful. CONGRATS 🙂

  40. Congratulations, mama! She’s beautiful!

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