gone fishin’

First, a picture of the bestest baby in the whole world just because:

Second, I want to let everyone that has been asking if I’ll be sharing Summer’s birth story to know that yes, absolutely, it’s in the works but probably gonna take a little time ’cause I want to do that day the justice it deserves, so sit tight. 🙂

Third, funny moment of the day: I checked my email this morning and had a random comment on my wedding blog post that I wrote about bedazzling my wedding flip flops. Some random person read through the entire post and the feedback they chose to give me was, “geez, you have ugly feet.” Ya, I know butthead, feet are ugly. I might have cared if I didn’t actually agree with him/her…so I approved it because it made me giggle.

Fourth, I had a really great last 2 days that made me feel less like I’m faking this whole knowing how to be a mommy thing and more left me feeling kind of official. Seriously, I really have no idea what I’m doing, though the fact that the baby is still happy (I think?) points to good signs…

So yesterday, Scott and I left the baby for the first time in 3 weeks, and my mom (who has officially become Nanna) happily offered to watch the baby while we went fishing with my sister and her fiance. I’m happy to report that Summer behaved like an angel for Nanna so she’s welcome back anytime.

For now.

So how does one do a baby-free fishin’ trip up right? I’ve broken it down for you all….

Step 1. Look official. If you think standing like your future brother-in-law who caught 12 fish in 1 hour will make you catch fish faster, do it. You won’t necessarily catch any fish but it’ll be more fun trying.

Step 2. Become an expert catcher of the elusive algae fish. Your friends will all be envious.

Step 3. After realizing you aren’t going to catch any of those real fish-like creatures they call bass, make friends with the local wildlife instead.

Step 4. When wildlife gets unruly, pull of an ear.

Step 5. Give the ear back and say you’re sorry.

Step 6. Take turns shrinking the ones you love into bite sized pieces so you can put them in your pocket.

Step 7. Try the expert stance one more time.

Step 8. Accept the fact that you are a better photographer than fisherman and take scenic pictures.

Step 9. Hug your honey and call it a day.



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12 responses to “gone fishin’

  1. Sarah

    So I just went back to see the flip-flop comment (how rude!) which led me to read the section of your old blog “A Little Background Info” and continuously say awww and have a little tear in my eye, what a great story. I (think) I found your blog through the ‘bee but I’m really not sure at this point, I just like, reading blogs. This is getting weird. Anyways, baby is SO CUTE, I love her little ruffle pants (?) lollies (?).

  2. I love this post – adorable! And baby Summer is SO CUTE!

  3. hahaha love it!! Sounds like a wonderful day! Summer is absolutely gorgeous, and you’re looking FABULOUS! Hot Mama!! Can’t wait to learn more about Summer!

  4. i can’t believe you mutilated wildlife!!! you’re so strong!!

  5. md

    You look fantastic!

  6. Awww Summer is so cute!!!

  7. Looks like a fun day, even though you didn’t catch any fish!

    And keep the gratuitous Summer pics coming! 🙂

  8. Brittany

    Did you even have a baby?!?! =) You look great!!!

  9. Summer is very cute. Gives baby Jacob competetion.

  10. first of all, Summer is ridiculously cute, congratulations!! second of all, your idea for taking photos of holding your husband in your hand is hilarious, i can’t wait to try it. and finally, people post some unnecessary comments. someone told me once if you get a mean comment it means u made it in the blog world, lol. and it’s good you don’t take them too seriously cuz your blog is hilarious, open, and honest. love it!

  11. Jaime, I just have to say that I just re-discovered your blog (had somehow lost the URL) and I’m so glad to see that Summer is here, gorgeous, and healthy! Seems like just yesterday I was so excited to see another Chicago Bee introduced and now you have a little one! Congrats. 🙂

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