this is the house that Summer built

I was asked yesterday by a friend how the little munchkin and I have been doing and my answer was this….I’m really glad the first month is behind us. I’m not gonna lie, even though Summer really truly is a very sweet, easy-going baby, the first month was the toughest month of my life! But at this point….

Waking up every few hours in the middle of the night is hard to get used to but it’s either gotten a lot easier or I’ve officially gone crazy. My guess is a little from column A, a little from column B.

Knowing that the sour scent coming from your baby means that she’s starting to turn like the chicken fried rice you forgot about in the back of your fridge kinda sucks when you don’t know how to give her a bath. No one wants to be known as the lady with the stinky baby. But! Watching every baby ever born whose first bath was recorded and uploaded to YouTube is helpful. Plus it was fun discovering that Summer, the same baby who screamed herself silly through a few sponge baths, actually LOVES baths in her puj tub in the kitchen sink. Who knew??

Going 5 days without a shower of your own because you just don’t know how to shower with a baby in the house can cause one to lose some friends. But! Going against everything you’ve been told about keeping things out of the crib while baby sleeps can actually end up giving you 5 priceless minutes of shower time.

Now I’m certainly not advocating this and I may be a little insane (see above under sleep deprivation), but I’ve been putting her in the bassinet, lying on a boppy pillow with a blanket over her and a stuffed animal noise maker hanging from the side, then I pull the bassinet into the hallway in front of the bathroom so I can wipe the steam off the shower door every 2 minutes to make sure she hasn’t jumped over the side.

And now that baby smells better, and I certainly smell a hell of a lot better, people actually want to hang out with us again.

And finally, for the first month I tried to carry on with life as usual and got frustrated when it wouldn’t go as planned. But! Once I realized a few things, life got a lot less tense. Here’s what I’ve learned/come to accept as the new normal…

  • An hour-long show on the DVR will take a minimum of 4 hours to get through.
  • Returning phone calls is optional and your true friends will understand if you don’t call them back and they will try you again tomorrow.
  • A burp cloth is never close by when you need one but almost anything within reach can make for a good towel  – this includes baby socks, your socks, your husband’s shirt, blankets, pillow cases, your hair, etc. (hehe, no one is ever going to want to come over to my house ever again).
  • If you get thrown up on, there’s no reason to change your shirt if you’re not going anywhere because you will get spit up on again if you change into something clean which only adds to the pile of laundry that has slowly been taking over your closet floor like a bad fungus.
  • And oh the laundry… laundry will never again happen every few days (ok, fine, it never really did before, but now it’s really not gonna happen), and I officially accept the fact that the shirt that has the least amount of throw up on it is the winner for the day.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner have no meaning anymore. Meals now consist of whatever you can cram into your mouth in 2 seconds flat while baby is yelling at you because your boob isn’t in her mouth at the moment and RIGHTNOWRIGHTNOWRIGHTNOWBABYISHUNGRYMOMMA!!! and baby is going to cry until she is fed because baby doesn’t care that your last meal was a ritz cracker and 4 grapes with the stems still on them. 2 days ago.

Yep, I think it’s safe to say that baby officially runs this house…this is the house that Summer built. 🙂



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16 responses to “this is the house that Summer built

  1. Wow, that first month sounds really rough! Friends of mine just had a baby girl this past weekend & have quite a lot in store for them, huh? No matter what though, things will continue to get better as you go along. They’re only this little for so long!

  2. Oh my gawd, that last picture in the little Cubs outfit is so adorable! Totally makes up for all the throw up and hard work, huh?

  3. Is it weird to say, I can’t wait! I think I may have already lost my mind and my baby’s not even here yet. BTW, you’re posts always make me giggle. 😉

  4. I see your daughter sleeps on her boppy too…haha we have a pack n play down stairs and I have a blanket, the boppy, her bear all in there with her…I also have a bassinet both down and upstairs and tote them with me when I need to get things done lol

    Bre was NOT a fan of bath’s when I had to sponge bathe her but she LOVES them now….even tho she cries until she’s in the water

    I make my husband was her @ night while I shower so I dont stink haha

    Totally agree about the ‘burb cloth’ and I couldnt count how many times ive been spit up on and just dont even care to change

    glad to see things are going well…and Bre pretty much runs my house too 🙂

  5. She’s so incredibly beautiful! Sounds like it was a rough first month, but I’m sure it’s all worth it. 🙂

  6. My god, that sounds killer. I know I couldn’t do that. I’d be carted off to the looney bin. (I don’t do stress too well.)

    But you’re doing fine.

    That picture of her in the towel at the top is so cute! My cousin’s baby refuses towels– Brylan hates them for some reason, so she uses fleecey-soft blankets to dry him instead.

  7. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  8. i can’t even imagine what the first month is like–thanks for the inside look! she’s so incredibly precious and you can tell her repeatedly when she’s older how much you went through for her. she’ll appreciate that.

  9. It sounds like you’re doing a fantastic job! The picture of her in the towel is just too cute. 🙂

  10. I have a few friends that swear by the baby swings (travel/fold up size) in the bathroom. They put the kiddo in it, crank it up and one of them (with a 8 week old) can get a good 30 minutes of bathroom/shower/hair dryer time with it. We’ve already had a friend gift us one and I can’t wait to try it out to see if it really works.

    My mom just bought us the Boppy Lounger too…our puppy likes sleeping on it…boy is she in for a rude awakening soon 🙂

  11. You are way too funny despite sleep deprivation and the laundry pile the size of Mt. Fuji! Thanks for keeping us posted in the House of Summer!

  12. Megan

    So so so cute, even when she’s screaming (or maybe yawning?), ha! Also, the laundry thing does not bode well for me since I already suck at doing laundry more than once every two (uh, or 3) weeks!

  13. I love that photo of Summer in her Cubs outfit – so cute. My husband lived in Chicago after college for many years – I’m not pregnant but when I am, I’ll have to get one ASAP!

  14. almostif

    You’re doing so well! I don’t remember having time for a proper bath for abut six months! A quick couple of minutes might be all I managed. Genius to move the baby where you can see her from the shower! I loved this video about bathing babies

  15. I can definitely relate! I’m putting the rocker in the bathroom to shower- the more hot and steamy, the likelier it is that Baby Boy will stay asleep!

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