enjoying the finer things

Things making me smile today:

Chatting with friends and solving the world’s problems…

A table full of fantastic ideas that have been started but may never get finished (and a vase full of flowers that I’m pretending are still alive)…

Wondering what in the world I was saying when this picture was taken…

Drinking coffee out of a wintery mug when it’s 103 degrees outside…

Finding one of these in my laundry and having no idea where the other one is…

The mobile I bought at Babies R Us and guessing the reason it was so cheap is because it looks like a bunch of dead ladybugs dangling from strings…

These two clowns…

Just smiling tons… here’s to finding the happiness in all that surrounds you today.



Filed under ridiculousness

3 responses to “enjoying the finer things

  1. That’s a weird mobile, now that you’ve said something about it. I almost got one for my half-sister’s room a couple weeks ago.

  2. Your dead ladybug mobile comment literally made me LOL!

    Maybe you could re-attach the strings so the ladybugs are hanging more normally….or knowing you and your new found sewing skills, you could sew some little animals or flowers or something else to attach to the strings. In all of your spare time, of course 😉

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