this guy…

…convinced this momma…

…to take this baby…

…and put her on a boat…

…while this guy…

…got pulled behind…

…and now this baby…

…thinks she’s the coolest baby on the block…

She wants to try the skis next year.



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12 responses to “this guy…

  1. This induced many giggles. Thank you, Nachos!

  2. she’s definitely got the coolest parents that were up for the ride!

  3. So cute! She definitely is a cool baby!

    And I would know, I was on boats from the time I was a couple months old. My dad even put a fishing pole and propped it up next to me to make it look like I was fishing too.

  4. LOVE that! She’s definitely one cool baby!!

  5. Mandy

    Love that last pic!!!

  6. With those shades she has solidified her standings as coolest baby on the block! 🙂

  7. Grammy

    LOVE it!!!

  8. I LOVE your blog. You are so creative. I blog about my family too ( it feel so good knowing that I have a digital record of things that happened through the course of my lil ones lives. I am awful at writing things in the baby book so I am sure to blog weight and height updates after the appointments so I don’t forget. Anyhow, I have an almost 9 week old (6-16) and have enjoyed watching your pregnancy process and now see lil posts about lil miss Summer knowing that I am in a similar position (except I also have a 1 year old). Anyhow, just wanted you to know that I really enjoy your blog. -Jen

  9. Love it! What a courageous and adventurous little girl!

  10. jen

    Fantastic – love the little sunglasses!

  11. She is too cool and cute in that last picture!

  12. Haha SO cute it hurts. Love it!

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