taste of polonia 2011

We hit Taste of Polonia yesterday so Summer could show off her favorite onesie with pride. I forgot to wear my Polska sweatshirt so she represented our roots for me….

It was a fun day and I’m happy to say that the baby loved the music, shopping  and people watching as much as I do!

And a note to myself on the beerfront for next year since I always forget….

Perla=the mother fucking devil that could knock a horse on its ass, Stawski=yummo

*sidenote* I realized that at the fest last year, I obviously didn’t know it at the time but I was officially 2 weeks away from being pregnant….crazy what can happen in a year, no?



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4 responses to “taste of polonia 2011

  1. Definitely crazy.

  2. So cute! And your hair is ADORBS!

  3. that t-shirt is just the cutest. she’s a dumpling.

  4. So awesome!! I need one of those onsies. So cute! And I am totally in love with your hair cut.

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