diy baby windowscape

…and a cheapy giveaway if anyone is actually interested…

Summer’s bedroom has 2 windows, both of which have black-out shades on them, though we had gone cheap and installed the medium weight ones so they don’t exactly black-out the windows.

I noticed a few weeks back on the window that faces east that the sun in the morning was casting pretty shadows from the trees onto the shade, and when Scott called me in there one random day to see a locust that was sitting on the window screen casting a huge shadow from inside, my crafty mind went into overdrive. What if I decorate the window with fun shapes that look pretty when the shade is up, and even prettier when the sun is shining through it?

So I started with a sun…just a big circle traced on construction paper with my sugar container lid as the outline, and a curved teardrop shape, made from tracing my facewash bottle top and adding a little wing. I made a few of those, taped them to the window, and we had a sun…

From there, the possibilities were endless…a water scene with a little sailboat and a fisherman catching teardrop-shaped fish from below, a hilly grassy scene with bunnies and butterflies and clouds dripping mini raindrops over a rainbow, etc.

So I started playing…

and made way too many shapes…

…and then I started taping. I made flowers, I made butterflies, I made a bee, and I stopped when I had one window decorated as I wanted it (I didn’t want to completely overpower the window and make it so you couldn’t see outside)…

And now in the morning when I take Summer to her room to get her ready for the day, first we see this…

And when we open the shade, we see this…

Such an easy project that makes such a fun impact, and in the end it can be as simple or as detailed as your mind can make it! And here’s the deal – I have way too many cutouts left over that I won’t use (see the picture of the cutouts sitting on the cushion above). Do any of you want them? I have:

  • 1 mini heart
  • 9 little hearts
  • 5 big hearts
  • 22 little teardrops
  • 52 big teardrops
  • 5 big circles
  • 5 little circles
  • 18 green stems

In total, 117 shapes that I won’t be using and I’m wondering if someone else would want them? They’re just basic construction paper cutouts but if it could save you the time of having to trace and cut so all you have to do is tape them up on a window/mirror/wall/whatever you want, I’d love to pass them on! If you’re interested, leave a comment and I’ll pick a random person by Thursday at noon CST. And if no one wants them, I’ll just stick them to another window. 🙂



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5 responses to “diy baby windowscape

  1. Ah! So cute! I wouldn’t have anywhere to use them since I don’t have kids, but I think this is absolutely adorable!

  2. Lynn

    Super cute! I’d definitely put them up!

  3. My brother and sister-in-law aren’t huge on decorating their kids’ rooms, but I’m in total nesting mode for no real reason at all. I’ve made it my personal mission to cutesy up those bedrooms for my nephews and niece, and I think these would help tremendously!

  4. Rebecca

    I love them! I have a 4 week old lil guy named Alex and these would brighten up his nursery. You are very creative!
    PS- I also am in love with the pumpkin feet pj’s! Super cute.

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