baby in mah belly

It still blows my mind that this really happened…..



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9 responses to “baby in mah belly

  1. LOVE THIS! Also – watching 20-40 weeks is like an amaaaazing science experiment.

  2. Amazing! You were one cute pregnant lady, by the way.

  3. That was adorable. And you know what I just figured out? You carried Summer really freaking high! It kind of almost shocked me at the end, but it sure was cool!

    • I seriously don’t know how I stayed upright looking at the 40 week picture! And I have a really short torso so I just kinda grew outward. Looking at how high my belly was completely explains the heartburn and shortness of breath towards the end!

  4. That is awesome! You are (were) the cutest preggo lady. I really am surprised how you’re upright by the end!

  5. Wow, that is amazing! I can’t believe how freaking big your belly got toward the end! How were you about to stand upright?!?

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