sweet baby

It may have been a frivolous purchase buying a Halloween costume for a baby who’s a bit too tiny to go trick or treating…you know, walking door-to-door is a skill not quite mastered over here just yet…. but I saw it, I was drawn to it like a moth to a flame, it was only $12, and I just couldn’t resist. Want a hint? Ok, but only if you say pretty please with a cherry on top…

The embroidered sprinkles were alone worth $12. Mmmmm, sweet yummy munchkin, is it wrong to nibble on your own baby?



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5 responses to “sweet baby

  1. she’s even more delicious than she was before! adorable hat!

  2. Haha that’s one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. Ever. Totally worth the $12!

  3. Cari

    that is too cute! I actually have been debating this however I found a costume today and I may buy it even if it’s for just pictures lol

  4. A-freaking-dorable!

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