4 months

This little smiley head is officially 17 weeks old as of yesterday, a true 4 months old in a few days. She has become a drool machine and has found her ability to squeal – and as someone who hates unnecessary loud noises, I’ve never loved a loud high-pitched sound more! You can tell when it’s coming, she puts her hand in her mouth, tips her head down, and thinks for a second about how she was able to make that sound the last time then, “SQUEEEEEE!” out it comes. Though I think the most impressive thing she’s done to date was when she sneezed and her pacifier fell out of her mouth. And what’s a baby to do?…did she cry? Oh, no, sir. She opened her mouth, poked around with her tongue until she found it on her chest, and sucked it right back into her mouth without missing a beat, then looked at me all, ‘what?’ Eh, hands are overrated.

She had her 4 month doc appointment Monday night and both of her scrumptious little thighs were poked with needles. She was not a happy camper, let out a bear of a scream, but by now has mostly forgotten about it, which is more than I can say for myself. Yet this morning when I put her over my shoulder I still found her pushing her little butt out so her thighs wouldn’t touch me. Poor wittle one.

The interesting discovery at the doc was her body mass index (BMI), or body fat based on height/weight ratio (for reference on percentiles, let’s say your kid is in the 52nd percentile for height, that means that 52% of kids the same age and gender are shorter than him/her). Apparently while Summer is tall for her age at 25 1/2 inches long (I love saying that she’s 2-foot-1, it sounds so funny), overacheiving her way into the 85th percentile, she’s only 12 1/2 pounds, weighing in as a featherweight for her age, ending up in the 15th percentile for a 4 month-er. The simplest way to say it – the girl is a tall and skinny bean pole. Obviously she’s growing considering she’s grown 2 inches in 5 weeks (remember this picture?), but she’s growing up rather than out, plopping her all the way down in the 3% range for overall BMI. That means that only 3% of baby girls are under her same height/weight combo. But while seeing her little star on the chart all the way down actually under the curve was a little surprising to me, the doc wasn’t concerned. So for now, string bean and noodle are the latest terms of endearment in our household.

Momma’s little baby girl is gonna be a basketball player!




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9 responses to “4 months

  1. featherweight or no, she is one happy, beautiful baby!

  2. My little man is small/under weight and tall as well … but so is his Daddy. His 4 month appointment isn’t until the end of October to find out actual stats. We call him a banana baby after reading an article on baby growth.

  3. Summer looks like a happy, healthy, beautiful baby girl!! Yayy for 4 months!

  4. Someday she’ll be glad for those great skinny genes! Can’t believe she’s growing up so fast!

  5. She’s precious! I can’t believe she’s already 4 months!

  6. Cari

    I take Bre on the 27th…I am NOT looking fwd to the shots!!! lately she has been the same much taller each appt and not as much weight…we’re gna have tall skinny girls ;)….dont you just love all that slobber and those great squeels….I cant believe they’re gna be 4mo already

  7. Summer is so adorable, and seems so happy and healthy! 🙂

  8. m@7.7.11

    aww smiley head! she looks like you 🙂

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