best gift I never knew I wanted

My birthday was 10 days ago and while Scott did actually buy the wrench he used to fish my engagement ring out of the drain that day, it wasn’t actually my birthday present. 🙂 He instead got me such a great gift for a new momma – a set of 6 mugs with my baby’s mug on them! And he knows me well, he got me the big 16 ouncers. Now when I’m at work all day, I get to stare at this…

Baby mug lovin’. And so help me God, if I find it sitting moldy on one of my agents’ desks somewhere…nah, they know better.



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5 responses to “best gift I never knew I wanted

  1. happy belated birthday! that’s a nice little pick-me-up to have on your desk.

  2. That is such a cute gift! We used to get my mom mugs for her desk with our photo on it for Christmas every year.

  3. What a great gift. Happy birthday!

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