honeymooning in hurricane rina

 While most people are probably trying to get the hell out of dodge, my sister and her husband are in Cozumel as of this morning for their honeymoon. Um…..

(image from CNN here)

Rina is projected to turn north and hit Cozumel tomorrow, though forecasts are saying that it may lose a little strength by then. She and I have been texting each other and she just told me they are being transferred to Riviera Maya and are waiting for a boat at the moment. Guess it’s safer on the mainland.

It’s gonna be quite a honeymoon, please keep your fingers crossed that they’ll be ok.




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5 responses to “honeymooning in hurricane rina

  1. Oh no! Fingers crossed for them. We were hit by Hurricane Earl on our honeymoon in Antigua and it was actually kind of fun! But only because our hotel was fine and so were we… I hope they get to Riviera Maya safely!

  2. Sarah

    Yikes! A similar situation happened to a friend, they spent the bulk of their honeymoon in the hotel’s ballroom with all the other guests, but because they had travel insurance, they were able to go on a second honeymoon a few months later.

  3. Hopefully they’re safe in the Riviera Maya and the hurricane doesn’t ruin their honeymoon. We went on a trip to New Orleans for my birthday one year, and had to leave 16 hours after we landed because the town was being evacuated for hurricane Gustav.

  4. Karen T. Roba

    Oh my goodness my daughter, Rachel and son in law, Jimmie are there for their honeymoon as well……..we have not had any contact from them since they arrived there on Tuesday Oct. 25th. I am sitting on pins and needles patiently waiting to get word from them that they are safe! The night before they left I asked them to leave me the name of hotel/resort they were staying ……..I was frantically driving to their home, and there I was disappointed, nothing…………..I can only wait at this point………as I have been trying to follow on the internet and weather stations as to the current conditons there……K Roba 10/27/11 6:12p.m. Best wishes and prayers to your sister and husband as well for their safety as well………..

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