diamonds, cupcakes and snail mail

Last night after work I picked up my wedding band. If you’ll remember, 2 weeks ago Gertrude went missing. It took the jeweler a while because for an entire week they searched for a tiny rose cut diamond the same as the others, which apparently proved to be nearly impossible. Instead, they ended up dropping in a baguette, polishing her right up, building up the sides of the band in case any of Gertrude’s friends decide to try to jump ship, too, and I’m pleased to say that the new diamond isn’t noticeably different unless you actually go looking for it.


Do you see it? While I’m kinda happy that the new diamond almost feels like I added to the history of the ring, adding a piece of me to a piece of my grandma, is it weird that I kinda feel like when they polished the ring they wiped a bit of my grandma’s history off? Makes me kinda sad. Well, that and the fact that I just paid $100 for the world’s tiniest diamond. And if ever there was a lesson to be learned through all of this, it’s that I can’t be trusted with rings…I went out and bought myself a $9 imposter from Kohl’s while Gertrude was being replaced and wouldn’t you know it, even the fakies are trying to run away.

On the Hurricane Rina home front, after waiting 12 hours for a boat to Riviera Maya, spending a day there then heading back to Cozumel, my sister and her hubby made it home safe and sound which is more than I can say for her luggage. And to Karen, I’ve been thinking about you, hoping Rachel and Jimmie made it home ok. Please give me an update so I can stop holding my breath for you all!

Yesterday I learned that our friends just closed on a house on. my. street. Holy crap, I’m so excited. Considering anyone would be better than the shady carjackers across the street and the crazy old woman who wanders up and down and up and down and up and down the street picking up garbage and throwing it down on our lawn everyday and our 90-year-old neighbor to the left who I’m pretty sure sits in her window with binoculars, I can’t tell you how happy I am that actual friends are moving in! They were pregnant the same time I was, due 1 week later, and I see a baby wedding in the future.

Hey, surely there are worse things than marrying the neighbor, right?

Scott and my story was recently published on a blog called So…How Did You Meet Anyway? The sweet wonderful author of the site, Susan Amestoy, contacted me because she’s a sucker for a great love story and wanted to add ours to her awesome expanding list, and apparently there’s a book in the works that we’ll hopefully be a part of. People are always telling me I should write a book, I figure it’s easier to let someone do it for me.

And speaking of writing, Summer has a pen pal. Actually 2 pen pals – her cousins Ethan and Caleb who moved to Michigan in September. “But wait,” you say, “how can she have a pen pal if she can’t hold a pencil?” Ahhh, my child is a genius you see. I caught her the other day sneaking back in the window with a Dollar Tree bag full of randoms and a bunch of stamps in her hand. When confronted, she fessed up. Apparently she’s been sending presents and notes and pictures to her cousins for a month now because she misses them like crazy.

She writes letters about pooping on planes and making her daddy laugh like a silly head and she sent a giant toothbrush to Ethan because he has sprouted a few teeth and has giant hands called meat paws.

And her cousins send her gifts and letters back – bibs and teething toys and funny letters about spit up and how to grow hair and wrapping daddies around fingers. There’s truly something fantastic about getting a package and a letter in the mail. We’re keeping USPS alive here, people, and making fun memories for a scrapbook to laugh at down the road.

And finally, I gave you all a sneak peek a few weeks ago of the cutest little cupcake with a cherry on top…

And my angel prop baby is happy to report…

…that she slept through Halloween.



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5 responses to “diamonds, cupcakes and snail mail

  1. I think the ring looks great and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Summer’s costume!

  2. What a cute little cupcake! Yummy!

    So glad your sis and hubby are okay! And awesome news about the new neighbors!

  3. That’s soooo exciting about having friends for neighbors and that your story might be published in a book!! Please update us if it happens!

    Your little cupcake is the sweetest thing!! So, so precious.

  4. Hi,
    Could you finally see your very wonderful “how we met” story on So…How Did You Meet Anyway? Thanks so much again for writing and for letting your readers know about the site.
    Your little girl is so cute! Is she excited about Theo Epstein heading to the Cubs?
    Take care.

    • You were right, Susan, I’m able to see it perfectly in Firefox. Thank you again, I love being a part of your blog! And baby is definitely a Cubs fan, staying on top of all the news. She’s only 5 months and already has more Cubs outfits than I do…her daddy had a little something to do with that. 🙂

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