5 months








Im dreading the day she picks up a bug and eats it. I. Will. Lose. My. Wheaties.



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5 responses to “5 months

  1. My mom loves to make me gag by telling the story of the time I found a dead cockroach in someone’s apartment and promptly put it in my mouth (I think I was ~10 months at the time). She had to fish it out. Probably no surprise I’m revolted by and terrified of cockroaches now. 🙂

  2. hahahaha omg this is too funny.

  3. Hehe. My mum walked in on my littest sister eating a daddy long legs and a beetle very methodically once. Poor mum almost fainted. Dad said it was just extra protein.

  4. i met someone who said she found her little girl licking the tires of her stroller–and these were on NYC streets! kids.

  5. Hah! I love this – so true of babies that age! 🙂

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