It’s official, someone in the product development department of PetSmart reads my blog. 

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

I did a double take as I spotted this on the shelf literally seconds after walking past a woman acting completely normal as she pushed her 2 dogs around the store in a freaking stroller.

The world has done lost its mind.



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8 responses to “shenanigans

  1. uh, yah, I’m one of those people who have acted normal while pushing their chihuahuas around the mall in a freaking stroller … not all of us have been as fortunate as you with pregnancy … and some of us love our little chi’s (or whatever breed) that much.

    • I’m not sure I see the correlation between my getting pregnant and people putting dogs in strollers. I’ve had my dogs for 10 years, long before I ever knew if I could have children or not and I just never had the desire to push them around in a stroller, put them in a purse, strap them to my chest, or take them to the mall – doesn’t mean I love them any less. At the same time, I will not put my child on a leash, make her poop in the grass, or eat kibble out of a bowl on the kitchen floor. There is a difference between children and pets and if the dogs can’t walk somewhere or aren’t allowed, I don’t take them. I actually wrote about a conversation I had with a friend about this before I ever got pregnant, it’ll tell ya how I feel about the subject:

  2. You should have invented that! I vote that Petsmart sends you a free dog carrier. And smacks the hell out of the woman pushing her dogs in the stroller.

  3. If you weren’t so preoccupied with sarcasm, you may have understood the obvious: it’s not about your pregnancy, it’s about the fact that you were successful in having a child … dogs are as close to having kids as some people will ever get … so what if people wanna pamper their dogs? You can never know why someone wants to transport their dog around in a safe manner, by using something like a stroller made for dogs. Are you really that bored? You took time to photograph the strappy thingy, just so you get home and write a post to poke fun at others — and you thought we (your subscribed readers) would all agree? … That wasn’t enough … you had to suggest that I read your argument with a friend/colleague at work … well, I read it, and asked myself, WTF? Why would you even post that stupid conversation? Jane, I vote you get “smacked the hell out of” just for talking like a bitch. Jamie, I really enjoyed your pregnancy blog, ’cause it’s the only week-by-week one that I found … but your post pregnancy blog has been … well, clearly this is my cue to unsubscribe finally!

  4. I love your blog, and find it hilarious. 🙂 fuck em!

  5. Erin

    Sorry for the late reply but I just found your blog, and seriously! You have officially became my favorite person in the WHOLE fucking world! “PS yo momma”?!?! Oh my god I love it! I work at a grocery store and see A LOT of wackos treating their dogs like babies, I mean there is adoption available…you don’t have to act like a mental person just because you don’t have a child.

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