bitch stole my look

Amy and I could’ve been featured today on Fashion Police’s segment Bitch Stole My Look:

Walking into the office this morning was like going to prom and seeing someone on the other side of the dance floor wearing the same dress. But unlike at prom where it’s a punishable crime not to find out what everyone else is wearing ahead of time so you can make sure no one is wearing your dress, this was more of a testament to Amy’s and my mutually blah taste in business casual office wear which ultimately says absolutely nothing about our collective sense of style other than lending proof to the fact that we both shop at Kohl’s once in a while and we both have the ability to remember to put on pants at 5:00am.

Good choice, my friend…we’re like Patty Duke and her British twin cousin, Cathy.

(I call Patty)



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13 responses to “bitch stole my look

  1. if she has a baby and names it summer, i would be really, really concerned.

  2. Simona

    Oh my god, are you sure you had a baby 5 months ago? I kind of hate you. ; )

  3. Hah! Love it – and I agree with Simona – – you look absolutely fantastic!!

  4. I draw the line when cheer leaders are caught in the same shoes, shirt, jeans, undergarments, etc as me. I Hate being compared to them, even if I’m the one who started wearing whatever I’m wearing.

  5. I had to stop reading because I was staring at this photo looking at how amazing you look!!! Write a post on how you lost the baby weight, holy cow!

  6. I agree that you look amazing!! At my old office, my department was all women and I can’t even tell you how often we’d all be wearing the same color or kind of tops! It was kind of spooky when we’d all be wearing green one day and pink the next without even talking about it!!

  7. Daaamn, I’m with everyone else – first thing I thought was ‘Jaime looks awesome!’ Your hair looks especially fabulous. It is pretty funny how similarly you two are dressed — how often does that happen?!

  8. Creen - Colleen

    I love that outfit. Defiantly something I would wear. I don’t think it’s blah.

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