weekends are my favorite

This weekend I did some laundry,

…made some new leg warmers and hired the cutest model for the photos,

…and I paid her in sweet potatoes.

She cringed a few times and made us giggle, but she decided sweet potatoes are pretty tasty.


She also had cereal – I mixed it with cold milk,

then warmed it up in the microwave,

dipped my pinky in it to make sure it wasn’t too hot,

licked my finger clean…

then realized I just ate my own breastmilk.

We got cozy after splashing in a kitchen sink bubble bath,

danced in the kitchen to some Christmas tunes,

and painted some piggies,

although upon closer inspection, we may have painted some of the toe-dees, too.

It was a good weekend.



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9 responses to “weekends are my favorite

  1. I’m so happy it’s Thanksgiving this week; sweet potatoes out the wazzoo!

  2. Aw, I adore your family. Summer is growing so fast and she’s just too cute! Those leg warmers are ADORABLE as well!!

  3. That photo of your laundry baby is SO cute: I especially like her expression.

  4. Oh my gosh. Cutest. Post. EVER.

  5. I love weekends like that too. THe leg warmers are super cute. I think i need to make my handsome a pair. They go so well with cloth diapers too. AND …………….the toenail………..to die for!

  6. m@7.7.11

    What did Summer think of the cereal? Is it just rice cereal? My daughter HATES IT 😦
    Also just a note about your blog header – inside the mind of a wife, sister, friend, optimist… AND MOMMY, don’t forget 😉

    • Just rice cereal and she actually really likes it! I wasn’t sure she would but it was a hit. And I totally thought about that with the header the other day! Great minds…changing it now if I can on my phone, otherwise tomorrow.

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