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I’m normally a calm person. I’ve been told I’m eerily calm sometimes. Even after 3 cups of coffee in the mornings, 2 of which I have once I’m at work, I’m relaxed. But today?

Oh, no. Momma’s not happy this morning. Someone has done the unthinkable. Someone must have woken up this morning thinking they wanted to get maimed. Because as of right now, someone in my office is drinking out of my birthday baby mug. Someone’s mouth is touching the edge of my mug that only I have drunk out of. Someone’s lips are an inch away from a picture of my sweet little baby’s head, possibly licking a drip of coffee off her eyeball that ran down the side of the mug as they pulled their mouth away. And I’m stuck drinking out of this boring ugly mug which in no way helps me with separation anxiety like baby mug does. What did I say when I brought this mug to work with me if it were to ever go missing? Oh yeah, I gave people way too much credit. 

Moving on but not happy about it….

As of a few days ago, this little smarty pants has learned how to wave. She can’t get around on her own yet but if we propped her up against something by the door, she could officially work as the greeter at our local Wal-Mart. Well, of course, if it wasn’t for those darn child labor laws.

That face could get me to buy 7-fingered gloves, I tells ya.

The solid foods are going splendidly, bananas and carrots are the shiznit and peas and peaches are on the “you might as well just feed me poo-dirt because it’s cheaper” list. Mmmmmm, bananas.

You know the theory that if women live together long enough, their time of the month will sync up? I’ve discovered that if women work together long enough, they start to dress the same. This is the 3rd time in 2 weeks and it’s getting weird.


That’s me on the right in case you couldn’t tell the difference anymore.

So remember a few months ago when I had a fun-filled afternoon getting a needle in the boob? I had called the doc back a few days later to let him know that the lump had come back within hours and he responded with something about no doctor in their right mind would cut it out of you so let’s just live and let lump. Er, something like that. So I’ve let it be. It doesn’t hurt. It doesn’t interfere with breastfeeding or pumping. It’s a little sensitive sometimes and a little numb some others, but with no real instruction on when to think something might be wrong, until now I’ve let it go. Yesterday I decided to call my primary OB just to check in since slowly over the course of the last 5 months or so, lumpy has grown to the size of a golf ball and is now probably bigger than my actual boob. I figured that’s probably not really normal, not even maybe just a little. So doc says she has concerns since it’s gotten bigger and I now have an ultrasound scheduled for next week. It was gonna be a diagnostic mammogram but apparently they won’t do one on breastfeeding mommas…in fact, the nurse said they won’t even do them until you’re 6 months post-breastfeeding so no boob squishin’ for me. I’m guessing unless this bump has morphed into an actual golf ball, the ultrasound is gonna show that it’s still a clogged duct, I’m just not sure what the plan of attack will be, if any. We shall see.

What else? Hair still growing back, head very fuzzy, haven’t done any Christmas shopping yet, signed up for the Weddingbee ornament exchange again this year and while I sent mine out last week, I’m still waiting to get mine in the mail (I’m berry berry excited). Last year’s exchange:

I always wonder if the person who gets me thinks, “well crap, how the hell do I make a nachos ornament?” I also wonder if in 10 years I’ll still be participating and I’ll have a Christmas tree full of nachos. Oh, and last week I got a quilting bug up my butt and made these:

…tutorial with template coming soon. I think that’s all I’ve got for catch-up day. And I’ll end with one last awesome pic that my mom took this morning while watching the baby… happy hump day!

Must. Go. Find. Mug. Now.



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15 responses to “randoms and whatnot

  1. Suzy

    Those overalls are a “SARAH /CORA” me downs aren’t they? My favorite!!! She is adorable!!!

  2. Oh no – can’t believe someone stole your mug! I hope you track it down!

  3. -metallic clicking of the safety switch of a 9mm- Nachos, get ’em! Mug stealers can’t go unpunished. And I’m praying that your lump is only a golfball that found its way into your boob, and not something else. Well, maybe a clogged milk thingy, but you understand what I’m getting at!

  4. m@7.7.11

    What a sweetie! I love your commentary 🙂 POO-DIRT!

    How old was Summer when you started her on purees? Does she get them twice a day? How much? Sorry for the interrogation, my daughter is 5 mths today, I’m dying to give her “real” food and am gobbling up all the insight I can!

    And WHO THE HELL would drink out of your mug?! Must be a man, because men tend not to notice and tend to be very oblivious. (sorry guys) I would have busted some jaws. Hide it!

    • Our doc was of the ‘no solids until after 6 months’ variety and it drove me nuts cause I knew she was ready…sitting up well with little help, watching us eat and grabbing for our food, etc. and the day she hit 5 months I called the doc because I was afraid she was drinking more milk than I could make in 1 day and I was afraid she’d finish the freezer stash and she doesn’t tolerate formula even close to as well as breast milk. So the doc said go ahead and give her 1 to 2 tbsp of rice cereal 1 to 2 times a day. That lasted all of 2 days before I went out and bought a bunch of gerber stage 1 purees because rice cereal is just so boring and annoying to mix and flavorless. She took to the spoon and the food immediately and started with only 1/2 container of sweet potatoes because that seemed to be all she wanted that day. We changed up the type of food every 3 days or so and the first time I gave her carrots, she just kept eating and eating and ended up eating the whole container, same with bananas (though she didn’t poop for a few days after 2 days of those-they can back up the system!) and same with squash. So now it’s purée once a day, usually her second or third feeding of the day followed by a bottle and she pretty much determines how much she’ll get up to a full container.

      I have to say, I’m obviously no doctor but I am a firm believer that momma knows best. Intuition as a mother is an amazing, inexplicable thing and while doctors are amazing resources for baby knowledge and hubbies (god love ’em) just don’t understand the crazy momma instincts, only you have a connection with that baby that no one else knows and if you think your little one is ready, you’re probably right.

  5. Lynn

    OMG please sell those stockings on etsy ❤

    • I thought about it! I’d probably end up making the Etsy listing for custom orders and make them when people ask for them since they take a little longer to make than leg warmers! Still debating….

  6. That little face! So cute! I’d probably steal your baby mug, too, if I worked with you, which I don’t, so I guess the real thief is still at large. Time to get out the CSI skills methinks.

  7. Mandy S

    I would be so mad if someone took my baby mug!! Maybe keep it on your desk so no one takes it? Or you could put a Post It on it with a nice message, “As you can see, there is a picture of my beautiful baby girl on that mug, so I would appreciate it if you kept yo lips OFF MY BABY!”. Ya know, whatever works 🙂
    OMG, those stockings…now I will be itching for a tutorial, because I think I want to make these. I am making yarn wreaths for my parents and FIL in Baltimore Ravens colors, a brooch art shadow box for my mom, and a tie blanket for my baby niece. But I’m sure I can throw quilting in there too somewhere…

  8. LOL, because last year I was totally like “how the hell do you turn nachos into an ornament?!”

    Super lame that someone took your mug! I seriously would have walked around the office to catch them red handed!

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