diy: how to make an easy Christmas stocking

I know my quilted Christmas stocking post was a little involved so I wanted to share how to make a super fast and easy stocking. Ready? Go!

1) Print and cut out the template (prints best on 11×17″ paper):

2) Make a fabric sandwich…lay 2 pieces of fabric (atleast 18″ tall by 24″ wide) on top of each other, wrong sides together and fold in half (the green is my liner, the print is my stocking fabric):

3) Trace it:

4) Pin it (go through all 4 layers):

5) Sew it (minus the top so Santa can get the presents in it):

6) Cut it:

7) Admire it, ooo it, and ahhhh it.

8) Fur it (hand-sew from the inside of the stocking):

9) Embellish it:

10) Tell Santa if he fills it with goodies, you’ll spike his milk.



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3 responses to “diy: how to make an easy Christmas stocking

  1. When I was little I accidently spiked santa’s coco; m dad had left a bottle of Old No. 7 on the counter, and this was before I knew how to read, so I dumped some in the coco before bed. I woke up in the middle of the night to an empty plate of cookies and my dad a little tipsy. Now that I understand what happened, its somewhat funny. Lol.

  2. That looks so easy! I love the fabric you used, too. You have really become a DIY goddess since getting pregnant with Summer and the nesting kicking in!

  3. I never thought of sewing it all at one time and then turning it inside. Great idea.

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